What is Cherry Eye and Is There a Quick Fix?

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Bulldogs are prone to cherry eye.Dr. Fiona is a veterinarian guest blogger for the highly rated pet insurance company, Pets Best Insurance.

On the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page, Justin asked about cherry eye and if there’s a quick way to treat it. Great question Justin, cherry eye can be a common condition in dogs so I’ll go over the basics and how it’s treated.

What is Cherry Eye?

Dogs have an opaque third eyelid with a tear gland, which usually can’t be seen. When there is defect in the tissue of the third eyelid, the tear gland prolapses (bulges).

What Does Cherry Eye Look Like?

It looks like a fleshy red mass in the corner of the eye. It can be in one eye or both.

Do you Need to Treat Cherry Eye?

Treatment is needed to prevent the tissue from drying out, and to prevent future problems with ‘dry eye’ which could require daily artificial tears for your dog.

How Do You Treat Cherry Eye? Is There a Quick Way to Help Cherry Eye?

There is no quick way to help cherry eye. Typically surgery is needed to treat cherry eye. The surgery repositions the third eyelid and tear gland. A small percentage of patients might respond to treatment for inflammation and mild infection with veterinary prescription eye drops. Consult with your veterinarian if you suspect cherry eye.

What Dog Breeds Get Cherry Eye?

Dogs of any breed, including mixed breeds may be affected with cherry eye. However, there are several breeds that see it more commonly. These include English bulldogs, cocker spaniels, beagles, Boston terriers, Lhasa apsos, and pekingese.

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Is There an Age Dogs Typically Get Cherry Eye?

It generally affects younger dogs and puppies.  Although there is no way to predict when/who will be affected.

Is Cherry Eye Preventable?

There is no way to prevent it.

Does Your Pets Insurance Cover Cherry Eye?

Pets Best Insurance covers cherry eye in their BestBenefit plans if it’s not pre-existing. Many other pet insurance companies consider cherry eye a hereditary condition so they might not cover it, or have limited coverage. If you don’t have Pets Best Insurance, or to add a pet to your policy, get a quick and free quote at www.petsbest.com or call 1-877-738-7237.

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