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Pet insurance offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company (APIC) or Independence American Insurance Company (IAIC). Please visit www.americanpetinsurance.com to review all available pet health insurance products underwritten by APIC. IAIC is a member of The IHC Group, an organization of insurance carriers and marketing and administrative affiliates, please visit www.ihcgroup.com for additional information. Please refer to your declarations page to determine the underwriter for your policy. Each insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own products.

Licensed Pets Best Sales Agents

Pets Best Insurance Services LLC
CA License #0F37530

Gregory McDonald
CA License #0577316

Amy Crane
CA License # 0G96441

Cass Vaughn
CA License #0H66328

Laura Salzwedel
CA License #0H88261

Michael Stockwell
CA license #0M25078

Robin Bonds
CA License #0I45080

Rachele Van Nest
CA License #0M05934

Isis Goff
CA License #0I41914

Kendra Carlson
CA License #0I83929

Gina Hinojosa
CA License #0I89272

Bryn Waterman
CA License #0I23343

Penny Friend
CA license #0L70604

Amanda Allen
CA License #0K16140

Laura Smith
CA License #0K33395

Amber Taylor
CA License #0M07507

Sheryl Harris
CA License #0K85457

Yeraldin Villa-Perez
CA License #0K96422

Jenifer Riley
CA license #0L15353

Lucretia Adams
CA license #0L76992

Melissa Kimball
CA license #0L90703

Tamra Hay
CA license #0L93962

Mary McClay
CA license #0M03277

Ithala Post
CA license #0M08106

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