Routine Care and Pet Wellness Coverage

Routine care coverage and pet wellness plans for dogs and cats help to pay for their regular scheduled veterinary visits. Just like humans, dogs and cats can also benefit from routine checkups that may help to catch diseases earlier and ensure a longer, happier life. Pets Best is one of the few pet insurance companies that offers wellness plans in addition to our core accident and illness coverage to help budget for your pet's expected vet bills. We offer two tiers of routine care coverage that can be added to one of our cat or dog insurance plans for an additional premium when you enroll, within 30 days of enrolling, or at your annual renewal. Benefits are available to you the day after you enroll so you can start using your routine care plan as soon as your policy goes into effect.


Dog Wellness Plans

With a puppy wellness plan, Pets Best can help you budget for vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, spay/neuter, and more! It's an excellent way to budget for your pet's expected medical expenses during the youngest phase of their life. Pet insurance with preventative care can also be helpful as your puppy enters adulthood and can help pay for dental cleanings and blood work. With two routine care options, Pets Best offers a plan that can help fit your pet’s needs and your budget from puppies to senior dogs.


Cat Wellness Plans

Just like their canine counterparts, cats and kittens can benefit from pet insurance that covers routine care too. With a wellness plan for kittens, you can help plan for their expected check-ups, shots and vaccinations during their first year. As your kitten progresses into their adult life, Pets Best offers pet insurance that covers wellness visits for older cats as well with yearly vaccinations, urinalysis, deworming, and FELV screenings. With our EssentialWellness and BestWellness routine care plans, Pets Best offers a plan that can meet your cat’s wellness needs during all phases of life.

EssentialWellness - $16/Month*

Pays up to the following, per year, with no deductible:

Spay/Neuter - Teeth Cleaning $0
Flea/Tick Prevention$50
Heartworm Prevention$30
Wellness Exam$50
Heartworm test or FELV screen$25
Blood, fecal, parasite exam$50
Urinalysis or ERD$15
Total Annual Benefits$305

* $14/Month in Washington

BestWellness™ - $26/Month**

Pays up to the following, per year, with no deductible:

Spay/Neuter - Teeth Cleaning $150
Flea/Tick Prevention$65
Heartworm Prevention$30
Wellness Exam$50
Heartworm test of FELV screen$30
Blood, fecal, parasite exam$70
Urinalysis or ERD$25
Total Annual Benefits$535

** $30/Month in Washington

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