Pet Health Insurance Coverage for Dogs and Cats

Pets Best pet insurance plans for dogs and cats cover accidents, illnesses, surgeries, cancer, and much more. We also offer wellness coverage for routine care, and specialized coverage plans. Your pet can see any licensed veterinarian in the world, and we process most claims within a few days. To see pricing and coverage details customized for your pet, get a free quote, or read more about our plans below.

BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plans

BestBenefit plans from Pets Best offer comprehensive pet insurance coverage that pays on your actual veterinary bill for unexpected incidents like emergencies and genetic conditions. With multiple levels of coverage, BestBenefit plans can be customized to meet the pet insurance needs of your four-legged family member, and your budget. Most BestBenefit plans include coverage for:

View a sample policy for your state:

Examples include broken bones, poisoning, car accident, lacerations, foreign object ingestion which results in surgery.

This also includes accidents that happen while hunting or in the line of service.

Examples include cancer, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, cruciate ligament injuries, skin and ear infections, urinary tract infections, and epilepsy.

Including coverage for blood work, MRIs, surgery, medication, and chemotherapy.

Examples include hip and elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, cherry eye, IVDD, Wobbler Syndrome, glaucoma and epilepsy.

See any licensed veterinarian, anywhere in the world, including emergency centers and specialists. Surgeries include operations to remove foreign bodies like swallowed socks, surgeries for mass removals, and more.

Our plans also cover pre-anesthesia tests. Veterinarians typically require pre-anesthetic blood work to be performed before a pet’s surgery.

Most plans cover prescription medications. Download our list of covered medications.

When your policy renews, we don’t consider previously covered conditions to be pre-existing. This means your pet will still be covered up to your plan’s maximum per incident benefit, even if treatment spans many months or years.

Examples: exams, bloodwork, MRIs, CAT scans, pathology reports and X-rays.

Examples: hydrotherapy, cold laser and physical therapy.

We have no upper age limits for pets and we don’t reduce or cancel coverage based on your pet’s age.

Prostate problems, hormonal skin conditions, perianal tumors, mammary tumors, uterine and ovarian conditions, as well as injury due to motor vehicle or aggressive behavior whether or not your pet is spayed or neutered

We cover behavioral consults with, and/or medication prescribed by, a licensed veterinarian.

Our plans include coverage for pregnancy for most breeds. Please see our list of breeds not covered for pregnancy.

Our plans cover cremation costs as well as euthanasia for humane reasons.

When prescribed or provided by a licensed veterinarian to treat a covered accident or illness.

Your pet can be treated by any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world.

Coverage included with most accident and illness plans

While most of our plans offer exam fee, acupuncture/chiropractic, and prescription medication coverage, these can be excluded from some plans to fit the needs and budgets of you and your pet.

Most plans include coverage for exam fees when your pet is seen by a licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world for covered accidents and illnesses.

Most plans include coverage for acupuncture and chiropractic treatments administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Most of our plans cover a wide range of prescription medications. Download our list of covered medications.


Like every pet insurance plan, our plans have some exclusions in order to keep prices affordable. Here are some examples of what's not covered under our insurance plans.

Any illness or injury that begins before your policy is effective, or during your waiting period, will be considered “pre-existing”. Some conditions, like broken legs or kennel cough, heal or are curable and require no further treatment. Once healed or cured, these are not considered pre-existing conditions.

Testing, treatment and prevention of parasites are not included. Limited coverage for parasite testing and prevention is available with our optional BestWellness™ plan. Examples of parasites: fleas, ticks, heartworms, roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, tapeworms, giardia, coccidia, ear mites or scabies.

Examples of non-veterinary expenses include: taxes, administration fees, waste disposal fees, transportation fees, shipping and handling fees, bathing, grooming, and any service not performed under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

Examples of elective and preventative procedures include: anal gland expression and removal, tail docking, ear cropping, nail trimming, feline declawing, dewclaw removal. Limited coverage for vaccines and preventive care is available with our optional BestWellness plan.

Herbal, holistic, and experimental therapies and medications are not covered. However, chiropractic care, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, physical therapy and hydrotherapy are not considered to be holistic or experimental and are covered. 

Routine Care

BestWellness routine care coverage can be added to any plan for an additional premium. Routine care coverage helps pay for your pets regular and expected veterinary visits for items like shots and teeth cleaning. With BestWellness routine care there is no deductible to meet. It's an excellent way to budget for your pet’s expected medical expenses, and especially important if you have a new kitten or a new puppy.

Accident Only Coverage

In most states, we also offer Accident Only plans, designed for those on a limited budget that want great coverage for things like broken legs, snake bites, accidental swallowing, and more. Accident Only plans do not cover medical issues such as illness or cancer, which are covered under our BestBenefit Accident and Illness plans. Get a quote or call us at 866-440-2020 to learn about this coverage designed for specific accident concerns.

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