Pets Best was founded to make sure your clients could afford the care you provide their pets. We started in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, DVM, a veterinarian who had previously started the nation’s first pet insurance company with a goal to end “economic euthanasia”. Using the knowledge he acquired from 25 years in the pet insurance industry, Dr. Stephens established a new standard in pet insurance with the creation of Pets Best.

Insured Clients are Better Clients

Clients with pet health insurance have 41% higher stop-treatment levels, schedule 40% more veterinary visits and spend twice as much on veterinary care than non-insured clients*. In an environment where veterinary costs are rising and household budgets are tightening, don’t you wish more clients had pet insurance?

Making clients aware of pet health insurance can be a smart business decision — one that may help to allow you to practice better medicine and help to lead to healthier pets and happier pet owners, who have up to five times the spending power of non-insured clients (Pets Best Claims Data 2005-2012). Many pet owners don’t even realize that pet insurance is available and affordable, so they will appreciate learning about its benefits. Learn more or order brochures to display in your clinic by signing up below.

Your Clients Want a Recommendation

When a client asks you for advice on pet insurance, don't send them to Google where the information can be overwhelming. Check out our brief video about the state of shopping for pet insurance, and if you would like some free information for your clinic, sign up here>>

Why Recommend Pets Best

We make it easy and provide free tools to educate your staff and let clients know that pet insurance is available.

  • Schedule a free webinar to learn more about Pets Best. We'll even buy lunch!
  • Include information about the benefits of pet insurance on your website and set up a link to Pets Best on your website. If you include a link to Pets Best on your website, your customers may be eligible for a 5% discount if they use the link to obtain a quote. Veterinarian web link discounts available in most states in most states if they click on your Pets Best link.
  • Learn more about our StaffBest Pet Insurance Program for veterinary professionals and how including providing pet insurance as a staff benefit can help benefits both your clinic and staff.
  • We have several other informational, educational and marketing tools to help you. Visit our Veterinary Resources page for pet insurance white papers, articles for you to include in client newsletters, information on how to be included in our Vet Locator tool and more. 

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