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Talk with Veterinary Experts Day or Night!

Get answers to your pet health questions at any time of day with our 24/7 Pet Helpline. Veterinary experts are available to help educate and provide advice and decision support to pet parents by phone, live chat, and email, from urgent care to behavioral questions, and everything in between.

Our 24/7 Pet Helpline is included with your policy when you become a Pets Best customer at no extra cost to you. This service has no limits on usage during your policy term, so you'll always have access to veterinary experts as long as you are a customer.

Get a quote and access veterinary experts for help with all your pet health related questions!

Talk to veterinary experts, day or night!

Get answers to common questions like:

  • "My dog chewed apart his favorite toy and swallowed some of the pieces! What should I do?"
  • "My cat got into the lilies on the counter. I've heard lilies are bad for cats, should I be worried?"
  • "Does positive reinforcement training work? My dog won't stop pulling on walks, what can I do?"

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