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  4. Keep your vet, or visit any licensed vet in the world
  5. Fast reimbursement - most claims processed in 3 days
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"Great service! I have had Pets Best for about 18 months now. Submitting claims is quick and easy and my reimbursements are always processed quickly! Definitely recommend."
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"Pets Best is amazing and they get the job done. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for pet insurance. I am greatly satisfied with the service!"
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"…Having the peace of mind they gave us when a pet was sick, was priceless. I will use Pets Best in the future and recommend it to everyone."
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"Easy claim filing and rapid payment. I've had Pets Best for about four payments were fast, and claims were easy...a coworker had originally recommended Pets Best to me, based on his good experiences."
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"Fast claim payments. I send my claims electronically and they have all been processed the next day. They are the best and very helpful when you call."
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Recent Pet Insurance Claims in February - Paid 100% of a $2,533 intestinal foreign body veterinary bill for Rigby, an American Bulldog in Colorado.
Paid 90% of a $5,034 elbow dysplasia veterinary bill for Jacqui, a Golden Retriever in California.