While cats are independent, they are also accident prone and have just as many illnesses as dogs - even if they live indoors. Pets Best believes that treating your cat's unexpected accidents and illnesses should be a worry-free financial decision. With a pet insurance plan from Pets Best, pet parents don't have to decide between providing their cats the best treatment options possible and their finances.

Pet Insurance Plans As Unique as Your Cat

Coverage for the unexpected

Our BestBenefit accident only and accident and illness pet insurance plans offer your cat or kitten the most comprehensive coverage for accidents, emergencies, illnesses, cancer, hereditary and congenital conditions, and much more.Learn More

Coverage for the expected

Our EssentialWellness or BestWellness routine care plans can be added to any BestBenefit Accident and Illness plan or Accident Only plans to help pay for your cat's regular vet visits, vaccinations, dental cleanings, spay/neuter and much more.Learn More

Get help choosing the right plan

Pets Best offers a range of deductible and reimbursement levels to help you better manage the cost of your policy and vet care over the life of your pet. Shop online or call to find the exact plan that is right for you.Learn More

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How Cat Insurance Works

Our mission is to help you get your cat the best vet care without worrying about the cost of the vet bill. With Pets Best, you can visit any vet, including specialty and emergency vets, and we pay based on the actual veterinary bill.


The cost of monthly premiums for your cat are based on your pets breed and age, and your location and your chosen coverage. Filing a claim won't increase your premium.

Get a Free Quote in about 60 Seconds

On average, it only takes about a minute to find out how much it will cost to guard against unforeseen vet costs for your cat

Most claims are reimbursed in 3 days

Fast Claims and Friendly Service

Friendly, Efficient Service

We know how important your time is, so we work hard not to waste it. Our online portal is easy to use, and we have a number of contact methods to make sure you get the personalized service you need.

Fast Claims Turnaround

Filing a pet insurance claim is easy with Pets Best. Most are processed in 5 days or less, and many don't require medical records. We also offer free direct deposit reimbursement.

Over 10 Years of Service

Pets Best was founded in 2005 by veterinarian Dr Jack Stephens, the "father" of the pet insurance industry in the North America. Since our founding, we have paid out over $150 million in claims and continue to strive to offer the best coverage, fastest claim service, and unsurpassed customer service.

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