Top 10 Most Common Dog and Cat Pet Insurance Claims

Posted on September 18, 2015 under Pet Insurance

A dog and cat with pet health insurance from Pets Best.

Pets Best releases the most common pet insurance claims of the past 10 years. 

As Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC celebrates its 10th anniversary, the nationwide pet insurance agency has released detailed information about the most common claims it has processed for both dogs and cats during the past decade. Pets Best has processed more than 630,000 claims, covering 90,000 pets.

Canines – Top 10 Most Common Claims

  1. Atopy/allergies                          30 percent
  2. Otitis                                          17 percent
  3. Osteoarthritis                             10 percent
  4. Undiagnosed mass                     8 percent
  5. Cruciate ligament injury             7 percent
  6. Hypothyroidism                          7 percent
  7. Pyoderma                                   6 percent
  8. Undiagnosed gastrointestinal
    condition                                    5 percent
  9. Undiagnosed lameness               5 percent
  10. Urinary tract infection                 5 percent

Pets Best has received more than 40,000 atopy/allergy claims and the largest paid amount was $4,936. Cruciate ligament injuries often require costly surgeries. With nearly 10,000 cruciate ligament injury claims, the largest paid amount was $6,542.


Felines – Top 10 Most Common Claims

  1. Renal failure                              25 percent
  2. Hyperthyroidism                        20 percent
  3. Diabetes mellitus                      11percent
  4. Allergies                                    8 percent
  5. Inflammatory bowel disease     7 percent
  6. Lymphoma                                7 percent
  7. Feline lower urinary tract
    disease (FLUTD)                        6 percent
  8. Cancer                                       6 percent
  9. Urinary tract infection               5 percent
  10. Otitis                                         5 percent

Renal failure is a chronic disease, so ongoing treatment can become expensive. Pets Best has received over 5,000 renal failure claims during the past 10 years, and the largest paid amount was $5,909.


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