Dog Breed Guide: English Bulldogs

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Two white English Bulldog puppies at nine weeks old and named Herschel and Hal.

By Dr. Marc, a veterinarian and blogger for pet insurance provider Pets Best Insurance

About English Bulldogs

Height (to base of neck): 12 to 14 inches (Males and Females)

Weight: Males 50 lbs, Females 40 lbs

Color: Brindle, white, red, fawn and spotted

Origin: British Isles

Coat: Short, flat, straight and glossy

Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years

Exercise needs: low to moderate

Is this breed right for you?

Common attributes in the Bulldog include a stubborn nature, but they are also kind and gentle with children and other pets.  They have low to moderate exercise needs and can be suited to urban, even apartment living.  Snoring and drooling is common.  Grooming needs are low except skin folds require daily hygiene to prevent infection.  They are moderate shedders.  Bulldogs do not tolerate temperature extremes well and does best as an indoor pet.

5 common illnesses, medical conditions and accidents for English Bulldogs

According to the number of dog insurance claims Pets Best receives

Medical Issue  Avg. Claim Amount  Most Expensive Claim
Skin Allergies  $853  $9,311
Cherry Eye  $707  $3,990
Cruciate Ligament Injury  $2,343  $6,661
Skin rashes and infections  $292  $3,533
Ear Infection  $231  $4,619


More Pictures of English Bulldogs

Above photo, Nine week old bulldog puppies named Herschel and Hal. Photo submitted by Felicia A.

Three bulldogs sit outside, their names are cannoli, bagel and muffin.

Bulldogs Cannoli, Bagel and Muffin sit together outside. Photo submitted by Ellen S.

An English bulldog in a pink ballet tutu skirt.

A bulldog rocking her pink tutu. Photo submitted by Nichole W.

A baby bulldog with a pink flower on her ear is insured by Pets Best Insurance.

A sleepy puppy bulldog with a fancy flower in her hair. Photo submitted by Paige M.

A bulldog lays on his bed with his under bite showing.
A bulldog sporting his best under bite.

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