Donation and Sponsorship Requests

Pets Best is happy to support pet owners and their pet-related philanthropic efforts. Helping those who are bettering the lives of pets across the country is a top priority of ours. However, due to the large number of requests we receive, please understand that we cannot accommodate all requests. To have your request considered, please see below.

To submit a donation request, please email and be sure to include the following information.

  1. Name of group/event
  2. Contact’s name
  3. Contact’s phone number
  4. Contact’s email
  5. Briefly describe the event and reason for your request
  6. Date of event
  7. Event location (city, state, venue)
  8. Event mailing address (if different from contact’s)
  9. Event/group website or social media pages
  10. Need items on or before this date 
  11. What kind of donation or sponsorship are you requesting?

    - If financial, what dollar amount are you looking for?

    - Are you looking for an item to be auctioned off?

    - Are you looking for promotional items to include in goody bags? (i.e. pens, post-it pads, etc.)

  12. Are you a Pets Best customer? (Being a Pets Best policy holder does not affect our decision to accommodate donation requests.)

We appreciate you contacting us and thank you for your efforts in helping to better the lives of pets!

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