Surgery Coverage with Pets Best

Surgery for any family member, is an uncertain, stressful process. Unfortunately, our dogs and cats are no exception and sometimes require routine or emergency surgical care. One of the advantages of pet insurance is the ability to make the best medical decisions for your dog or cat without having to worry about suffering long-term financial hardship. Having the right pet insurance plan offers the peace of mind that all pet parents will appreciate, and Pets Best has a variety of plans to suit any budget and provide the coverage your pet needs.

Terms and conditions apply. See policy for details.

Did you know... pet surgery can easily exceed $1,000?

Is Surgery Coverage for Your Pet Worth It?

Like any medical decision, it is important to ask questions and do your research. The cost of pet insurance will depend on various factors including where you live, the age and breed of your pet, general health and what type of protection you want. Even though younger pets generally have lower premiums, pet insurance is not just a good idea for older pets, but for all pets because even a young and healthy dog or cat may require surgery.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery?

The BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plan covers a broad range of pet surgeries and provides maximum protection for your family. With Pets Best, you can choose a policy that not only covers unexpected surgeries due to an emergency, but also surgeries for cancer-treatment, hip dysplasia, mass and tumor removals, and cataracts. Families can also add coverage for routine pet care with a BestWellness or EssentialWellness plan.

Cataracts - Adult$552.12$196.36
Cataracts - Juvenile$725.04-
Cruciate Ligament Injury$1226.60$920.63
Dysplasia - Hip$494.06$1,677.30
Hernia - Hiatal$1,299.61$4,192.44
Hernia - Inguinal$961.09$1,557.58
Hernia - Traumatic$2,916.62$2,044.06
Hernia -Umbilical$496.29$356.48
Cherry Eye$635.75$399.11
Aural Hematoma$532.31$322.13
Foreign Body Ingestion$2,509.11$2,060.42
Collapsing Trachea$331.54-
Intervertebral Disc Disease$850.70 $971.34
Fracture - Bone$776.73$1,054.14
Mast Cell Tumor$846.81$1,026.69
Gastric Dilatation and/or Volvulus (twisted stomach)$2,492.61-
Rectal Prolapse$869.53$1,085.46

Pets Best Claim Data, 2020

Another advantage to a Pets Best insurance policy is that costs associated with pet surgery can also be covered by your plan. Including:

  • Pre-surgical care
    • Blood work
    • Pre-anesthesia testing
  • Anesthesia
  • MRIs
  • CAT Scans
  • X-Rays
  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery
    • Physical therapy
    • Ongoing wellness checks