Winter dangers for indoor cats

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A cat with pet insurance licks her dry winter coat.
Posted by: H.R.
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Winter is a time for curling up by the fire with your cat in your lap. While you are enjoying relaxing with your cat, make sure you keep up with your cat’s health care needs, as the winter months can cause added stress for your cat.

There are several inside dangers for your cat during the winter months. Be careful when using space heaters or fireplaces, as cats are curious and can easily get burned if they get too close or rub up against them.

In addition to cats being injured by space heaters, there is an increase in the chance of a cat accidentally knocking them over. A house fire can easily be started if a heater is not equipped with an automatic shutoff when knocked over.

The winter can also bring on extremely dry skin for cats. You can brush your cat daily to help stimulate the natural oils of their skin, which will help reduce the severity of the dryness.

The winter also poses an increased risk for cats getting lost. Cats can lose their sense of direction when the ground becomes covered in snow.

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