Why you need cat insurance

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A woman holds a cat that is protected by pet insurance.
Pet insurance is a relatively new idea considering how long veterinary services have been around. Although more people are now buying pet health insurance policies for their pets, it’s still a fairly small percentage of pet owners. An even smaller percentage of people purchase cat insurance.

The Myth that Cats are Self-Sufficient
Unlike dogs, cats are often seen as being much more self-sufficient—they don’t need to be walked, they groom themselves, and they’re “independent.” People also believe that cats are less likely to get into things that might be harmful. There is a perception that cats are such finicky eaters, for instance, that they would never eat something they shouldn’t.

Dangerous Situations for Indoor Cats
But think about it, cats often ingest parts of cat toys, especially string or metal parts, that can be very dangerous to their digestive systems. They will also eat foods that are toxic, like chocolate, if it’s appealing to them. And most cat owners have seen their pet chew on house plants, some of which can also be poisonous. These are just some of the reasons that cat owners should consider purchasing cat insurance for their pets.

Outdoor Cats
Despite statistics telling owners that cats with access to the outdoors have higher injury and death rates, many cats are still let out. This can result in vehicle accidents, fights, injuries from other animals and opportunities for your cat to eat things that are harmful. The subsequent injuries or traumas often need very costly vet interventions, like complicated surgeries.

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It’s crucial for you as a responsible pet owner to consider purchasing pet insurance for cats. Despite your best intentions, there may still come a time when having a good cat insurance policy will give you peace of mind.

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