Why Do Basset Hounds Get Ear Infections?

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basset hounds are prone to ear infections.Dr. Marc is a veterinarian guest blogger for pet insurance provider, Pets Best.

Today’s question was posted on the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page. Joe asked, “Why does my Basset Hound get ear infections?” Great question Joe, I’ll explain a bit about ear infections and why Basset Hounds are prone to them.

How are ear infections caused? Are there ways to prevent them?

Some ear infections are just spontaneous with no understood cause. Others can be set off by allergies or by moisture being retained in the ear. If the dog has allergies, controlling them with allergy medications will decrease ear infection break-outs. If it is more related to moisture, regular ear cleanings can help prevent the infections.

Why are ear infections common to Basset Hounds?

Basset Hounds have large ears which results in lots of room for moisture retention. They can also be an allergy prone dog breed as well.

What other dog breeds commonly get ear infections?

I see ear infections in almost every breed out there, but more so in Labradors because they like water, Cocker Spaniels (they are the most common breed for ear problems in my experience), and smaller dogs that have a lot of hair in their ears like Yorkies and Poodles.

I’ve heard of Entederm Ointment for ear infections, can I get this without a prescription?

Entederm Ointment can be prescribed to treat ear infections. Entederm is a prescription drug only and therefore you will need to have a prescription to obtain it. In some cases with chronic conditions, some veterinarians will approve a prescription without an examination after you have established a good client-doctor-patient relationship. You should always consult with your veterinarian regarding what treatment options are best for your particular dog and its ear infections.

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