Pets Best Provides New Multi-Year “Lock-In-Rate” On Plans

Posted on July 17, 2006 under Industry News

July 17, 2006, Boise, Idaho—With Pets Best Insurance’s continued commitment to upgrading the insurance choices within the pet insurance industry, the company is offering pet owners the option to Lock- in their rates for an extended time. The Pets Best Lock-In rate option is intended to make pet insurance continually affordable for families during the active years of their pet’s lives. The Lock-In rate is an available option under the Pets First and Pets Basic plans for the first eight years of an insured dog’s life and the first twelve years of an insured cat’s life.

“Pet insurance works best for pets when families can afford to keep the insurance coverage in force over a longer period of time” says Jack Stephens DVM, Founder and President of Pets Best Insurance. “We want to give pet families every opportunity to secure pet insurance early-on in their pet’s life and limit the risk of rate increases as the pet ages.” Dr. Stephens is widely acknowledged as the founder and an innovator of the U.S. pet insurance industry.

Pets Best Insurance believes that pet insurance provides a true partnership between the Company, pet families and their veterinarians to create the financial means of care that enhances the quality of life for pets. The Pets Best product allows veterinary professionals to utilize more comprehensive health care services with less concern over affordability, Saving Pet’s Lives. The Pets Best Insurance Lock-In rate is an endorsement that provides an affordable opportunity at just $1.00 per month for pet owners to budget long term for their veterinary care. This is another first for Pets Best in offering “pet health insurance that pays.” It creates an environment of care that enhances the quality of life for pets, allows veterinary professionals to utilize more comprehensive health care services, and allows pet families to be less concerned over affordability.

According to Greg McDonald, Chairman/CEO of the pet insurance company, “At the end of the day, we are certain this program can improve the health of many, many pets who otherwise may not be insured and realize the best possible veterinary care. This new Pets Best Lock-In rate has already received regulatory approval in 10 of the states we presently serve. This important option will help transform caring pet families from potential customers who think insurance is a good idea, to pet families that can better budget pet insurance premiums for many years. Our team is systematically rolling out this exciting Pets Best Lock-In rate option to all states where Pets Best is available.”

About Pets Best*: Pets Best is the branded insurance product of Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC. Pets Best markets and manages pet health and accident insurance through and its integrated call centers. With online sales, customer service portal, and electronic delivery of policies, the customer benefits by receiving a more simplified convenient experience. Pets Best reimburses pet owners for services from the veterinary they choose, “Pet Insurance That Really Pays!” Founded by Dr. Jack Stephens, pioneer of the pet insurance industry and an accomplished veterinarian, avid pet enthusiast and seasoned insurance executive with more than 24 years experience, Pets Best product brand includes a choice of four affordable coverage plans with a straightforward 80:20 claims reimbursement structure and NO benefit schedules. The Pets Best team is a highly skilled and professional group of pet lovers who have developed products based on innovation and insight into veterinary care. Pets Best Insurance is underwritten by General Fire & Casualty Company.