Dealing with Nippy Dogs

October 8, 2007

Posted by Audrey Pavia on 10/8/2007 in Training Tips Articles If you’ve been around dogs for much of your life, you have, at some point, been touched by a dog’s teeth. While these experiences were…

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A 5-Point Plan to Put the Brakes on Your Cat-chasing Dog

September 28, 2007

Posted by Amy Shojai on 9/28/2007 in Training Tips Articles Does your dog chase your cat? More than 40 percent of pet lovers keep multiple pets. While they often get along famously, some dogs treat…

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Achoo! Tactics to Fend Off Pet Allergies

September 20, 2007

Posted by Arden Moore on 9/20/2007 in Lifestyle Sneezing. Runny nose. Itchy, swollen eyes. Rash. When most of us touch and pet the coats of our dogs or cats, it’s a pleasurable experience. But some…

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Pet Sitters: Questions to Ask Before You Go

September 9, 2007

Posted by Shannon Steffen on 8/9/2007 in Lifestyle You want to leave on vacation, but what about Duke and Fluffy? For some, boarding kennels are a perfect solution for their pets to receive the care…

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Addressing Cat Bite Abscesses

September 7, 2007

Posted by Arnold Plotnick, DVM on 9/7/2007 in Scratching Post Articles Although cats living together indoor occasionally fight over territory or for owner attention, it rarely leads to serious injury. However, when cats encounter other…

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Choosing the Right Dog Food: What to Ask

September 4, 2007

Posted by Shannon Steffen on 9/4/2007 in Nutrition Dog foods come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Wet dog food is used primarily for those canines with particular taste palettes or as an intermittent treat.…

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