Cat health care: Diabetes diagnosis and treatment

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A cat is tended to by a veterinarian.
Diabetes is a disease that affects pet health in approximately one in 400 cats. Cats that have diabetes can live a fairly normal life if the disease is diagnosed early and the cat receives daily treatment to control the disease. Cat health insurance can help cover the expenses that comes with having a diabetic cat.

The most common cat illness symptom associated with diabetes is increased urination. This symptom may not be obvious to some owners, as it can be hard to detect an increase in urination in homes that have multiple cats using the same litter box.

Other pet health symptoms of diabetes may include increased thirst, weight loss, lethargy and decreased appetite. These cat health symptoms are similar to symptoms that are seen in other common cat diseases. Once your cat exhibits changes in behavior or any unusual symptoms, she should be taken in to be checked by a veterinarian.

Diabetes is diagnosed via bloodwork and urinalysis. Cats with diabetes will exhibit high levels of glucose in their blood and glucose in their urine. Once a diagnosis of diabetes is made, the veterinarian will usually start the cat on insulin injections.

When cats begin on insulin they will have a glucose curve done. A glucose curve tracks the glucose level of the cat over several hours. The cat will be dropped off at the vet for the day. The cat’s glucose level will be checked first thing after they are dropped off. The cat will then be fed and given its morning insulin dose.

The cat’s blood will then be drawn at increments throughout the day to monitor its glucose level. The curve of the glucose levels will help the veterinarian determine if further cat health care will be needed– such as adjusting dosage levels. The cat will need to come in periodically to have the glucose curve done to make sure that no adjustments need to me made to the insulin dose.

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