Compare Pets Best vs. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

We believe in providing a non-biased comparison to better inform you of the similarities and differences between common plan and service items that customers routinely ask about.

When comparing coverage, Healthy Paws and Pets Best Pet Insurance both have annual plans with a variety of deductible and reimbursement options, accident and illness pet insurance plans with full hereditary and congenital coverage, an unlimited annual and lifetime benefit plan, and prescription medications.

Pets Best offers two tiers of wellness coverage for your pet's regularly scheduled vet visits, and has coverage for accident and illness exam fees. We also have no upper age limits for enrolling older pets with accident and illness coverage over the age of 14.

When comparing Claims and Customer Commitment, Pets Best has more customer support options with email and chat support capabilities. We also offer a 24/7 Pet Helpline for all pet parents to be able to talk or live chat with veterinary experts with any question you have concerning your pet's health.

Check out the comparison chart below to learn more.

Coverage Comparison

 Pets BestHealthy Paws
Unlimited Annual & Lifetime Benefit Plan  
Annual Deductibles  
Optional Accident and Illness Exam Fee Coverage  
Prescription Medication Coverage  
Full Hereditary and Congenital Coverage  
Routine Care Coverage  
No Upper Age Limits on Accident & Illness Plans  
Submit Claims from Any Device  
Claims Pre-Approval  
Optional Vet Direct Pay  
Online Policy and Claims Management  
Phone, Chat, and Email Support  
Mobile App  
24/7 Pet Helpline  
Veterinarian Founded  

A Real Pet Insurance Quote Example

Lewis, 3 / Mixed Breed Dog

Meet Lewis - a real pet quoted with Pets Best and Healthy Paws*

Pets BestHealthy Paws
90% Covered90% Covered
$250 Annual Deductible$250 Annual Deductible
Unlimited Annual LimitUnlimited Annual Limit

* Quotes obtained online on 8/25/2020 using a 3 year old mixed breed dog in San Diego, CA 92132 with the maximum allowable annual or per incident limit from each company. Sample pricing does not include any extra fees, taxes, or administrative charges.