a New York Domiciled Stock Company, NAIC #12190
Administrative Office: 6100 4th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98108


Insurer Disclosure of Important Policy Provisions

A policy excludes coverage due to any of the following:

1. A preexisting condition
2. A chronic condition if manifested prior to coverage

Other exclusions may apply. Please refer to the exclusions section of the policy for more information.

Waiting Periods that Apply

1. 14 days following the Policy Effective Date for any Illnesses and any related Conditions.

2. 3 days following the Policy Effective Date for any Injuries and any related Conditions.

3. 6 months following the Policy Effective Date for any Cruciate Ligament Events and any related Conditions.

4. Once met, these Waiting Periods are waived for continuous, uninterrupted policy renewals, including, at our discretion, uninterrupted policy renewals from other pet insurance providers.

5. The waiting periods may be reduced or waived for coverage acquired through pre-approved channels where the health of your Pet is certified by a participating veterinarian prior to coverage being purchased.

Please refer to your Declaration Page for your Pet’s specific waiting period.

Description of Accident and Illness Plan Coverage

Annual Policy Limit

Option 1 $2,500 Option 2 $5K Option 3 $10K Option 4 No Annual Limit

Co-Insurance (Us / You):

[70%/30%, 80%/20%, or 90%/10% as shown on the policy declarations page]

Annual Deductible per Pet:

[$50 - $1,000 as shown on the policy declarations page]

Supplemental Benefits

Office Visits / Exam Fees

Covered or not covered as shown on the declaration page

Take Home Prescription Medications

Covered or not covered as shown on the declaration page

Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic Care

Covered or not covered as shown on the declaration page

Description of Accident Only Policy

Annual Policy Limit


Co-Insurance (Us / You):


Annual Deductible per Pet:


Deductible & Coinsurance

DEDUCTIBLE: The Annual amount you pay out-of-pocket for the Actual Cost of Veterinary Treatment for any eligible Condition after the application of your selected Co-Insurance amount.

CO-INSURANCE: This term applies to both parties as described on your declarations page. The larger percentage represents our portion of the Actual Cost of Veterinary Treatment that is paid for any eligible Condition before the application of your chosen Deductible.

Claims Procedures

Payments for Claims are subject to: the terms of the Policy; any coverage limitations; Deductibles; and Coinsurance. We will make all Claims payments directly to you, unless we receive a written notice from you requesting that such payment be made directly to the veterinary provider listed on the Claim. Claim forms can be accessed on-line at the website address below or can be obtained by contacting Pets Best Insurance Services LLC. The most we are obligated to pay for Covered Loss is the lesser of the actual amount incurred for the treatment of an insured Pet, minus Deductible and Coinsurance; or the applicable scheduled Policy maximum benefit.

Complaint Resolution

At Pets Best we strive to offer our customers with comprehensive pet insurance plans, personal customer service, and fast and accurate claims processing. Please note that pursuant to California Insurance Code § 12880.6 the California Department of Insurance should be contacted only after discussions with Pets Best have failed to produce a satisfactory resolution of the problem.

California Department of Insurance Contact Information:

300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1700
Sacramento, CA 95814

Pets Best Contact Information:

2323 S Vista Ave, Suite 100
Boise, ID 83705


Chronic Condition – A Condition that can be treated or managed, but not cured. This includes, but is not limited to, Cruciate Ligament Event, atopy, renal disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, Cushing’s, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, and hip dysplasia

Pre-existing Condition - Any Condition for which a Veterinarian provided medical advice, the Pet received treatment for, or the Pet displayed signs or symptoms consistent with the stated Condition prior to the effective date of a Pet insurance policy [Policy Effective Date] or during any Waiting Period

California Privacy Rights 

If you are a California user of our Services (“California Consumer”), you have certain rights with respect to the collection, use, transfer, and processing of your Personal Information, as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We reserve the right to limit these rights where permitted under applicable law, including where your identity cannot be reasonably verified or to the extent your rights adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others. To exercise any of the rights below, please contact us via the contact information below. Only you or a person registered with the California Secretary of State that you authorize to act on your behalf, may make a verifiable consumer request related to your Personal Information.

Collection of Personal Information

When California Consumers access our Site, we collect the following Personal Information:

Personal Identifiers

• Name

• Address

• Email address

• Telephone number

Internet or Other Electronic Network Activity Information

• The Internet Protocol address that relates to the machine or device used to access our Site

• The type of browser and operating system used

• The date and time when the Site is visited

• Device ID if you are on a mobile device

• Web pages displayed

The foregoing pieces of information have been collected about our consumers in the past 12 months.

Sources from which Personal Information is Collected

We collect your identifiers from you directly. We collect your Internet or other electronic network activity information from your interactions with our Site.

Business or Commercial Purposes for which Personal Information is Collected

Your Personal Information is used for the following purposes:

Provide you with the Services.

Communicate with you. To communicate with you about our Site or Services, to send you updates, or to inform you of any changes to the Site or Services.

Provide customer support. To provide you support or other services you request.

To communicate about new features. We will send you notifications about new features or information available on our Services or third-party products that we feel might be of interest to you.

Maintain and improve our Site and Services. We analyze how our users interact with the Site in order to maintain and improve the Site and Services.

Benchmarking. We aggregate your information in order to gain insights into our Services.

Prevent fraud and other illegal activities.

Comply with applicable law.

Defend our legal rights. 

Third Parties with whom Personal Information is Shared

Synchrony shares your Personal Information with analytics and service providers, advertisers, business partners and law enforcement (if necessary).

In the preceding 12 months, we have not sold Personal Information about consumers.

In the preceding 12 months, we have not sold Personal Information about minors.

In the preceding 12 months, we have disclosed the following Personal Information about consumers for business purposes:

Identifiers, Other Personal Information (Financial Information), We share this information with our service providers to allow them to perform services on behalf of Synchrony. We may also share this information with our business partners so that they may provide you with information about products or services that may be of interest to you.

Internet or Other Electronic Network Activity Information. We share with or allow third parties to utilize cookies for marketing or advertising customized to your apparent interests or needs (more information located in the “Information Collected Automatically” section above).

Individual Rights

Right for You to Access Personal Information Collected, Disclosed, or Sold

You have the right to request that Synchrony disclose the Personal Information it collects, uses, and discloses about you to third parties:

  1. If you make a Right to Access request, you will receive the following information about you:


a. Categories of personal information collected;

b. Categories of sources from which personal information are collected;

c. Specific pieces of personal information collected about you;

d. Business purpose for collecting or selling; and

e. Categories of third parties with whom sold.

Synchrony does not sell any Personal Information of California Consumers. This information will be provided to you free of charge, unless Synchrony determines that your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive. You may request this information twice in a 12-month period. This Right to Access is subject to certain restrictions and is not available to consumers who have requested information about, applied for, or maintain business credit through Synchrony. Synchrony employees and employees of Synchrony business partners and service providers also do not have a Right to Access under the CCPA.

Right of Erasure

You have the right to request that Synchrony and our service providers erase any Personal Information about yourself which Synchrony has collected from you upon receipt of a verifiable request. This right is subject to the same exceptions as for Right to Access requests.

Submitting Requests

You can submit your request by calling us at 1-844-894-3960 or visiting our request website at

Verifying Requests

Synchrony provides California Consumers with an online webform to submit requests. The webform is accessible at As stated in the webform, Synchrony must verify that the person requesting information or deletion is the California Consumer about whom the request relates in order to process the request. To verify a California Consumer’s identity, we may request up to three pieces of Personal Information about you when you make a request to compare against our records. We cannot respond to your request or provide you with Personal Information if we cannot verify your identity. Making a verifiable consumer request does not require you to create an account with us. We will only use Personal Information provided in your request to verify your identity. Synchrony reserves the right to take additional steps as necessary to verify the identity of California Consumers where we have reason to believe a request is fraudulent.

Right to Equal Service

Synchrony will not discriminate against you because you exercised any of your rights, including, but not limited to, by:

• Denying goods or services to you.

• Charging different prices or rates for goods or services, including through the use of discounts or other benefits or imposing penalties.

• Providing a different level or quality of goods or services to you.

• Suggesting that you will receive a different price or rate for goods or services or a different level or quality of goods or services.



Si usted es un usuario de nuestros Servicios de California (“Consumidor de California”), tiene ciertos derechos con respecto a la recopilación, uso, transferencia y procesamiento de su Información Personal, según se define en la Ley de Privacidad del Consumidor de California (CCPA). Nos reservamos el derecho de limitar estos derechos cuando lo permita la ley vigente, incluyendo cuando su identidad no pueda ser verificada razonablemente o en la medida en que sus derechos afecten adversamente los derechos y la libertad de otros. Para ejercer alguno de los derechos a continuación, por favor, comuníquese con nosotros a través de la información de contacto que figura más abajo. Solo usted o una persona registrada en la Secretaría de Estado de California que usted autorice para actuar en su nombre puede hacer una solicitud verificable del consumidor relacionada con su Información Personal.

Recopilación de Información Personal

Cuando los Consumidores de California acceden a nuestro Sitio, recopilamos la siguiente Información Personal:

Identificadores Personales

• Nombre

• Dirección

• Dirección de correo electrónico

• Número de teléfono

Información sobre la Actividad en Internet u Otra Red Electrónica

• La dirección del Protocolo de Internet que se relaciona con la máquina o dispositivo utilizado para ingresar a nuestro Sitio

• El tipo de navegador y sistema operativo utilizado

• La fecha y hora de visita al Sitio

• Páginas web mostradas

La información anterior ha sido recopilada sobre nuestros consumidores en los últimos 12 meses.

Fuentes de las que Se Recopila Información Personal

Recopilamos sus identificadores directamente de usted. Recopilamos su información de actividad de Internet o de otra red electrónica a partir de sus interacciones con nuestro Sitio.4

Propósitos de Negocio o Comerciales para los Cuales se Recopila Información Personal

Su Información Personal se usa para los siguientes fines:

Brindarle los Servicios.

Validar el uso del teléfono celular.

Comunicarnos con usted. Contactarnos con usted sobre nuestro Sitio o nuestros Servicios, enviarle actualizaciones o informarle sobre cualquier cambio en el Sitio o en los Servicios.

Brindarle atención al cliente. Brindarle algún tipo de asistencia u otro servicio que solicite.

Comunicarnos sobre nuevas características. Le enviaremos notificaciones sobre nuevas características o información disponible sobre nuestros Servicios o productos de terceros que consideremos le puedan interesar.

Mantener y mejorar nuestro Sitio y Servicios. Analizamos cómo interactúan nuestros usuarios con el Sitio para mantener y mejorar el Sitio y los Servicios.

Realizar análisis comparativos. Agregamos su información con el fin de obtener una mejor comprensión de nuestros Servicios.

Prevenir fraude y otras actividades ilegales.

Cumplir con la ley vigente.

Defender nuestros derechos legales.

Terceros con los que se Comparte Información Personal

Synchrony comparte su Información Personal con proveedores de análisis y servicios, anunciantes, socios comerciales y autoridades (si es necesario).

En los últimos 12 meses, no hemos vendido Información Personal sobre consumidores.

En los últimos 12 meses, no hemos vendido Información Personal sobre menores.

En los últimos 12 meses, hemos divulgado la siguiente Información Personal sobre consumidores por motivos comerciales:

Identificadores, Otra Información Personal (Información Financiera),. Compartimos esta información con nuestros proveedores de servicios para que ellos puedan brindar servicios en nombre de Synchrony. También podemos compartir esta información con nuestros socios comerciales para que estos puedan brindarle información sobre productos o servicios que puedan interesarle.

Información sobre la Actividad en Internet u Otra Red Electrónica. Compartimos con terceros o les permitimos utilizar cookies para marketing o publicidades personalizadas según sus intereses o necesidades aparentes (más información en la sección “Información Recopilada Automáticamente” más arriba).

Derechos del Individuo

Derecho a que usted acceda a la Información Personal recopilada, divulgada o vendida

Tiene el derecho de solicitar que Synchrony revele a terceros la Información Personal que recopila, utiliza y divulga sobre usted:

  1. Si realiza una solicitud de Derecho de Acceso, recibirá la siguiente información sobre usted:


a. Categorías de información personal recopilada;

b. Categorías de fuentes de las que se recoge información personal;

c. Datos específicos de información personal recopilada sobre usted;

d. Propósito comercial para la recopilación o venta; y

e. Categorías de terceros con los que se ha vendido.

Synchrony no vende ningún tipo de Información Personal a Consumidores de California. Esta información se le brindará de manera gratuita, a menos que Synchrony determine que su solicitud es claramente infundada o excesiva. Puede solicitar esta información dos veces en un período de 12 meses. Este Derecho de Acceso está sujeto a ciertas restricciones y no está disponible para consumidores que hayan pedido información sobre un crédito comercial o hayan solicitado o mantenido dicho crédito a través de Synchrony. Los empleados de Synchrony y los empleados de los socios comerciales de Synchrony y los proveedores de servicios tampoco tienen Derecho de Acceso en conformidad con la CCPA.

Derecho a Borrar

Tiene el derecho a solicitar a Synchrony y a nuestros proveedores de servicios que borren cualquier Información Personal suya que Synchrony haya recopilado de usted tras recibir una solicitud verificable. Este derecho está sujeto a las mismas excepciones vigentes para las solicitudes de Derecho de Acceso.

Envío de Solicitudes

Puede enviar su solicitud llamándonos al 1-844-894-3960 o visitando nuestro sitio web de solicitudes en

Verificación de Solicitudes

Synchrony proporciona a los Consumidores de California un formulario en línea para enviar solicitudes. El formulario se encuentra en Como se indica en el formulario en línea y para poder procesar la solicitud, Synchrony debe verificar que la persona que solicita información o que se borre información es el Consumidor de California sobre el que se relaciona dicha solicitud. Para verificar la identidad de un Consumidor de California, es posible que solicitemos hasta tres aspectos de Información Personal sobre usted cuando realiza la solicitud, a fin de comparar esta información con la de nuestros registros. En caso de no poder verificar su identidad, no podremos responder a su solicitud ni brindarle Información Personal. No debe crear una cuenta con nosotros para poder realizar una solicitud de consumidor verificable. Para verificar su identidad, solo utilizaremos Información Personal proporcionada en su solicitud. Synchrony se reserva el derecho de tomar las medidas adicionales necesarias para verificar la identidad de Consumidores de California cuando tengamos razones para creer que una solicitud es fraudulenta.5

Derecho a la Igualdad de Servicios

Si usted ejerce cualquiera de sus derechos, Synchrony no lo discriminará de la siguiente manera (entre otras):

• Negándole bienes o servicios.

• Cobrándole distintos precios o tarifas por los bienes o servicios, incluso mediante el uso de descuentos u otros beneficios o la imposición de sanciones.

• Brindándole un nivel o una calidad diferente de bienes o servicios.

• Sugiriéndole que recibirá un precio o una tarifa diferente por bienes o servicios o un nivel o una calidad diferente de bienes o servicios.

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