Why Your Pet’s Breed, Age, and Location Affect Your Price

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A dog sits.Pet Insurance Explained: Why Your Pet’s Breed, Age, and Location Affect Your Price

By Pets Best Pet Insurance, a U.S. pet insurance agency for dogs and cats.

Pet insurance can be a confusing topic to pet owners. So at Pets Best, we strive to be transparent and help you understand how pet health insurance works.

We’re commonly asked by pet owners and veterinarians, “how much does pet insurance cost?” This is a great question. Unfortunately, there’s not just one answer of, “it costs x dollars per month.” This is because each dog or cat’s pet insurance policy will cost a different amount. Three factors that will affect your pet insurance policy price are:

 1. The breed of your dog or cat

According to data collected for many years, some dog and cat breeds have fewer health issues, while other breeds tend to have more health issues. Knowing this, we use breed as a price factor since the risk is higher with some breeds and lower with others. We do not exclude any dog or cat breeds from being eligible for a pet insurance policy; we insure every dog and cat breed out there!

 2. The age of your dog or cat

Dogs and cats, like humans, have a lot more health problems the older they get. Therefore the older a pet gets, the more the pet insurance policy will cost. We offer pet insurance policies to dogs and cats starting at seven-weeks-old up to any age.

 3. Where you live

Pets Best insures dogs and cats in all 50 states and D.C. If you live in Los Angeles, CA your cost of living–and therefore the cost of veterinary care–is a lot more than someone living in a lower cost area for example a rural town in Idaho. Due to this, where you live affects the price of your pet insurance policy premium.

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How do you get a price quote for a pet insurance policy?

To see how much pet insurance for your dog or cat would cost, you would need to get a quote on our website or call Pets Best. The price you see when you get a quote will be based on the three factors above.

Based on the information you provide for the quote, the monthly premium you’re quoted will be set at a suggested annual deductible and reimbursement level. To adjust the monthly premium you’re shown, you can change 1) the annual deductible  and 2) the amount you want to be reimbursed on your veterinary bills.

What to do next?

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