Trick Your Cat Into Losing Weight

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Hello. I’m Dr. Jane Matheys, from the Cat Doctor Veterinary and Hospital in Boise, Idaho. I’m here to answer a question posted on the Pets Best Facebook page, today.

This one is from Gina and she asks “If diet food is not working for an extremely overweight cat for years, what else can we try?” Often times even though an owner is feeding “diet food”, they’re still giving the cat too much. The cat’s consuming too many calories, and you’re just not going to see weight loss. The number one way that I can achieve good weight loss in cats

is by feeding the cats a 100% canned grain free, diet food. What this does is, that the grain free foods are high protein, low carbohydrate. This factor alone can help promote weight loss just like it does in people.

In addition, canned food has fewer calories than dry food. A lot of people think it’s the opposite; but no, canned food has less calories and therefore you can actually feed a bigger volume of food for same amount of calories, sometimes less. I also like to put a little bit of water in with that canned food, so again you’re spreading out the volume, the cat’s able to eat more volume wise; but you haven’t increased the calories. Some cats have to get down as low as 180 to 190 calories a day, before they start losing weight. That’s not a whole lot, but you just want to keep going down a little bit at a time until you find that point where the cat starts losing weight.

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Remember though, that you do not want to put your kitties on any crash diets and if you’re cat’s not real fond of the new food make sure they don’t go hungry for about 3 days. Those two factors can cause some of our heavier cats to get a very serious liver disease called fatty liver disease, that can be fatal in some cases. Feel free to send any more of your cat health questions to the Pets Best Facebook page and I’ll be back later to answer those.

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