Top 10 most hilarious pet names

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By: H.R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager
A funny looking cat and dog sit beside eachother.
Taking your pooch to the dog park is not only good for pet health, but it can also be entertaining for the pet owner.

Have you ever noticed all the creative pet names? Sometimes they’re not only funny, they’re downright bizarre.

“Here Nigel Butt-Sniffer, come here boy!”

These days, it seems pet owners are becoming much more comical when it comes to naming their pets.

I’ve compiled a list of the funniest names I’ve heard here at Pets Best Insurance, on the web, and though our families and friends.

1. Captain Naughty Pants– This unfortunate cat actually responded to his name when called by one of my former roommates. I always wondered if cats could be embarrassed, if so, this “captain” surely was.

2. Salvador Dagi- Pronounced “Salvador Doggie,” this Great Dane was named as an homage to the highly regarded painter (best known for his images of melting clocks.)

3. Fluffy Butt- When I began working at Pets Best Insurance, I loved hearing the hilarious, very creative names our policy holders came up with for their pets. Fluffy Butt has been my favorite, thus far.

4. Turkey Lips- I found this name on and couldn’t help but snicker.

5. One-Hung-Lo- From the same website at above, the family who opted for this dog name explained that as a puppy, their Pekingese’s tummy dragged on the floor. The breed also originated from ancient China, and so One-Hung-Lo stuck.

6. Sir Coconut- I found this funny name on the website noted above. The owners of Sir Coconut said they call their pooch “Nutty” for short.

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7. Burnt Marshmallow Crème Puff- Received his doggy name because his owners thought their black and white dog looked like a burnt marshmallow.

8. Princess Petunia Red Tipped Banana Fanny- Who also commonly goes by the alias of “Tippy” was named by the owner’s grandson.

9. Ja Lue Grum Doo- My best friend’s Schnauzer, whose actual name is Juliet (quite the stretch) started responding to the funny names my friend dubbed her, and this one stuck. She will also respond to “Gwub-ed,” and “Gwubbie.”

10. Your Mom- Also from the same website as above, Your Mom’s owner has quite a sense of humor, as you can tell. He wrote that his favorite thing to tell people is “Your Mom was licking my ears this morning.”

Does your dog or cat have a funny name? Visit us at and post it to our wall!

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