Too Cold to Leave Pet In Car?

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Too Cold to Leave Pet In Car?

The cold weather and winter temperatures are here and while many people know the dangers of leaving pets in a hot car, many forget that leaving a pet in a cold car can also be dangerous.

How long is it safe to keep a pet in the car during winter?

Perhaps you plan to take your pet with you for a quick trip to the store to run errands or out holiday shopping after a quick trip to the vet’s office. But how cold is too cold if you plan to leave them in the car?

Your car’s inside temperature can vary based on more than just the outside temperature. For example, if the outside temperature is cold but the sun is out, the inside of the car could stay warm enough to leave pets comfortably in the car for short periods. Keep in mind that pets can still overheat even in cool weather if the sun is out, just like they can in summer months.

If the weather is cloudy, overcast, snowy, rainy or windy, pets may be uncomfortably or even dangerously cold if left in cars.

So if you plan to bring your pet with you on errands, it’s best to have someone sit in the car with them to gauge the comfort of the inside temperature and turn on the heat if needed! This will help ensure your pet is safe while waiting in the car.

By Dr. Evans, a veterinarian and writer for Pets Best. Since 2005 Pets Best has been offering dog and cat health insurance plans in all 50 states and D.C.

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