Tips for Bad Dog Behaviors – Leash Yanking

Posted on April 28, 2015 under Dog Articles

Two dogs with Pets Best Pet Insurance pull on their leashes. The dog walker nearly stumbles from them yanking on their leashes.By Arden Moore, a certified dog and cat behaviorist with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Arden is an author, radio host, and writer for Pets Best Pet Insurance, a dog insurance and cat insurance agency.

Dogs are not born with owner’s manuals. They can have some bad dog behaviors and they rely on us to teach them what is acceptable and what is not. Let’s discuss leash yanking and some solutions to curb this bad behavior.

Problem Behavior – Leash Yanking. It’s not the size of the dog, but the size of his determination to be the boss on walks. His constant pulling on the leash can knock you off your feet and cause injury to his neck if the leash is attached to a collar.

Solution: Increase your “curb appeal” on your leashed outings with your dog by bringing a small bag of tiny treats. Each time your dog stops and heeds your “watch me” cue, dole out a treat. Your goal is to make yourself more important than outside distractions like squirrels. Secondly, fasten the leash to a harness rather than your dog’s collar. Third, when your dog starts to yank, stop moving or abruptly change directions. When he complies, give him a treat.

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