The National Greyhound Adoption Program

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Posted by Pets Best on 10/27/2008 in Articles from Newsletters

Every year, racing-dog breeders produce tens of thousands of greyhounds, far more than they can place at racetracks. This overbreeding is motivated by the desire to produce winning dogs. Many times, the dogs that are not fast enough to compete are euthanized. Those who are fast enough may only race until they are retired at three-and-a-half to four years of age. Thousands of greyhounds at each track are disposed of yearly to bring in a fresh group of dogs.

In response to this widespread problem, the National Greyhound Adoption Program was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1989. Their main goals are:

-To help find loving, adoptive homes for former racing greyhounds
-To provide superior knowledge and support for greyhound adopters and other adoption groups
-To educate the public and spread awareness about the plight of the greyhound
-To provide specialized medical care specifically geared towards the greyhound

NGAP’s first few adoptions took place in the early 1990s, with greyhounds being flown a few at a time from Florida to Philadelphia. Later, the group began hauling greyhounds up from Florida in a large truck, often up to 30 dogs at a time. NGAP has come a long way since those early days and greyhound adoption is now just a fraction of the things that they do.

In 1995, NGAP opened its own greyhound clinic to fulfill the need for specialized greyhound care. Their clinic and surgical facility performs over 2,000 greyhound procedures under anesthesia annually—more than any other facility in the United States.

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The NGAP now receives greyhounds from a variety of different groups all over the United States. Their kennel houses anywhere from 40 to 50 adoptable greyhounds, and they maintain a staff of almost twenty people including full-time, live-in caretakers.

The non-profit group has no affiliation with any greyhound track or any other organization; they pride themselves on being a strong national advocate for greyhounds. They are primarily funded by adoption fees, fund raising events, car donations and various donations of other kinds.

It should be noted that the NGAP is not the only group in America dedicated to the rescue of these majestic, loving dogs. In fact, there are hundreds of local rescue organizations throughout the United States and around the globe seeking good homes for the nearly endless supply of greyhounds. Interested in helping to solve this problem in your local area? The Greyhound Project, Inc. is a great resource, offering a worldwide directory of recue organizations. Locate a rescue organization in your area and contact them to learn how you can adopt a greyhound or make a donation.

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