Pets Best Insurance reminds owners to celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day

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A dog with pet insurance begs for a treat.
Posted by: H.R.

February 23rd is National Dog Biscuit Day. In celebration, give your dog a healthy treat. And while your at it, get them the gift of a pet insurance plan.

Eric Ward, DVM, and president of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention says that many of the commercial treats available contain too much fat and sugar.

According to Dr. Ward, one high calorie treat can contain as much as one-forth of a small dog’s daily caloric needs. He states that, “it’s really dangerous because pet owners are in the habit of giving two of three treats at a time. Voila-obesity.”

There are several benefits to making your own treats for your dog. The first benefit is the safety of the treat. With all of the dog food and treat recalls over the past few years, making your dog’s treats is safer.

Making treats for your pet also ensures they are healthier, as you control the ingredients, which means they contain no preservatives or chemicals. These homemade treats will also be lower in fat and calories than commercial treats. Another benefit is the taste. Home made treats will taste better than store bough treats due to the fresh ingredients. They won’t be full of processed fillers.

Making treats at home is much cheaper than buying store bought treats. Most dog treats can be made from ingredients that you already have in your pantry. Get cooking and get those tails wagging!

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