Pet health may be at risk after owner discovers dead frog in pet food

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A dog stares at a bowl of food.
When Dianne T. opened a can of pet food to split between her four dogs, she was aghast at what she found.

“I saw a brown clump in the food… I was like, ‘what is that?’” the pet owner told

“I flipped it over and it was a dead frog.”

Dianne told the news provider she immediately called Pedigree’s manufacturer, Mars Petcare US, to report the problem, but the company didn’t respond the way she’d hoped.

“They offered me coupons for more dog food,” she told the news source. “I told them ‘I don’t want your coupons.’ Why would I want to give my dogs more of this food?”

According to the website, Dianne purchased the Pedigree Choice Cuts food in early August from a local Sam’s Club.

“Half the cans were chicken and half were beef,” Dianne told the news source. “And my dogs have been eating other cans from this same case.”

Dianne told the site that she contacted her veterinarian for fear that her dog’s health may be in jeopardy from the potentially toxic amphibian.

“I asked him what could happen if the dogs ate from a can that contained a dead frog… and he said they could have diarrhea, vomiting, and neurological problems,” Dianne told the news source.

According to the consumer affairs website, Mars Petcare US called Dianne’s claim “unlikely” in a released statement.

“While it’s highly improbably that this could occur, we’re taking it very seriously and launching a full-scale investigation into this consumer’s claim,” the company wrote in the statement.

Dianne said she has no intentions of suing the company; she just wants them to clean up their facility.

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“Frogs belong outside. They belong in a pond – not in my dog’s food,” she told the news provider. “I don’t want anyone feeding their dogs something that is unhealthy.”

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