Mysterious Bumps on Dog’s Face – 3 Possible Causes

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Dr. Marc is a veterinarian and blogger for Pets Best, a pet insurance agency for dogs and cats

Hi. My name is Marc Caldwell; I’m a local veterinarian working with Pets Best Insurance to answer some Facebook questions for you guys. Our next question is: My 4-year-old Border Collie suddenly has bumps all over her face and won’t eat or drink. What could cause this?

While there are many possible reasons that this could actually be occurring, the top three things that come to my mind are this:

1. First would be an insect or a spider bite. Many times after being stung or bitten, I will see facial swelling or bumps, regardless of where the bite was actually sustained on the animal. This can result in vomiting, loss of appetite, occasionally, difficulty breathing as well. Oftentimes, severe reactions will require veterinary care.

2. The second thing is ingestion of something inappropriate. Given how quickly it sounds like this problem has occurred, I would be concerned about a potential allergic reaction to something that has been ingested. This could be a toxin, or really, anything that the animal is sensitive too. It might be a mushroom; something in the yard is certainly a possibility.

3. Lastly, lymph node swelling. It’s not as common as the first two, but lymph nodes are all over the body, just like in people, in dogs. Certainly with reactive disease, infections, things like that, you can certainly see a sudden acute swelling of all of those lymph nodes. That can cause the animal feel sick, as well.

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