Why I Love Being a Vet Tech Contest Finalist: Liz Samuels

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Liz Samuels, a 2016 Why I Love Being a Vet Tech contest finalist.

At Pets Best, we believe the veterinary industry is empowered by the many certified veterinary technicians who, through their hard work and dedication, make a difference in the lives of their patients each and every day. We created the Why I Love Being a Vet Tech contest to acknowledge their tireless efforts. In partnership with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA), we are pleased to announce this year’s top eight finalists.

Meet Liz Samuels, a Registered Veterinary Technician at the Animal Clinic of Clayton. She was working in interior design when she decided healing animals and bringing comfort to their owners was her calling, so she returned to school and in 2010 received her degree in Veterinary Technology.

Beyond her clinic hours she also volunteers as the Owner Surrender Coordinator with Wonder Weims Rescue, through which she rescued her dog Henry, who is now nine years old. She only intended to foster him for one night until he went to his real foster the next day, but four years later, Henry is still sleeping on her sofa. Liz also has three cats: Scooby and Sally (inherited from her brother after he moved to China); and Luna, who is sweet, fat, black, and adores Liz’s son. Blade the corn snake rounds out her fur (and scaled) family.

Even though her busy schedule of work and volunteering allows for little free time, Liz loves to cook, read, and go hiking with Henry and her son. Her Weimaraner keeps her active, as he requires a three-mile walk or run every day. Thanks to Henry, she’s learned to love the outdoors and any kind of weather.

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Why did you choose to become a vet tech? 

My path to becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician is a bit unique because it began with an experience that I had with euthanasia. I have a Bachelors Degree and was a practicing Interior Designer, but after my son was born, I chose to stay home. A year later, I would find myself on a different path. It was then that I would endure the tragic misfortune of having to put my dog to sleep. I have always had a deep affection for animals; I had even spent the previous three years volunteering with a Weimaraner rescue group. Losing my dog was the most heartbreaking thing that I had ever been through. In the midst of my grief, it was a veterinary technician at the hospital who helped me through that difficult time. She inspired me. The genuine kindness and concern she showed to me would prove to be a defining moment in my professional life as I became convinced that I would pursue a career as Veterinary Technician.

Fueled with the hope that I would someday be able to help heal animals and bring comfort to their owners, I returned to school and received my degree in Veterinary Technology in 2010. I have been working in the field ever since.

Why do you love being a vet tech?

I love being able to make a positive difference in both the clients’ and pets’ lives. I had to lose my dog to find my way to becoming a veterinary technician, but it is the best job in the world!

If you could improve upon or change one thing about the veterinary industry, what would that be?

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The public perception of what a Veterinary Technician is and what we do. Our job requires such a broad spectrum of knowledge and abilities but not many people realize or appreciate that. Also, the pay needs to be much higher!

Does your clinic talk to clients about pet insurance?

At my clinic we do offer pet owners information about pet insurance at their first visit.

We invite you to stay tuned to our blog, where we will share in-depth Q&A sessions we held with the remaining finalists. (You can learn more about the Why I Love Being a Vet Tech Contest here.) The contest winner will receive a one-year NAVTA membership and a paid trip to the 2017 North American Veterinary Community Conference. You may vote here for Liz or any of the other finalists once a day through Thursday, October 6th.







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