How to Give Your Pet a Pill

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Hi, I’m Dr. Fiona Caldwell, and today, I’m going to show you how to give your pet a pill.

Everybody hates giving their dogs and cats medicine, but here are some tips for you that might make it a little bit easier.

The easiest thing is if you can get your pet to take it in a treat. There are some treats that are designed to hide pills, and they typically have a little hole in the center that you can kind of hide that pill in. So, something like this would fit right in. We’ll go ahead and let Dina eat it without the pill because I want to show you some tricks without, as well.

You can use deli turkey, cheese, and in moderation, small amounts, it shouldn’t be harmful for your pet.

Pet pillers are fantastic for cats. These will work really well, especially for kitties. They typically have a little rubber tip so you can’t injure them, and then, a plunger that depresses, and it’ll push the pill in. So, the pill goes right in the rubber tip. You insert it into the mouth as far back as you can, and then when the plunger is depressed, it will actually push the pill out. So, the whole piller goes into the pet’s mouth, and then you push the plunger in to depress the pill.

You want to do it the good old-fashioned way? Typically, you’ll have the pet sit with their mouth up, especially for cats, and then you want to grasp right behind the canine teeth, pull that lower jaw down, and put the pill in as deep as you can. Close it, and then wait until they do a good swallow.

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