Pet Grooming: 3 Tips for Treating Nails Cut Too Short

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Veterinary advice for pet insurance provider Pets Best Insurance for dog and cat toe nails cut too short.

By Dr. Fiona, a veterinarian and guest blogger for pet insurance provider, Pets Best Insurance.

Dog and cat toenails can bleed! When performing pet grooming, it can be disconcerting to accidentally trim a nail too short and cause it to bleed. But don’t despair if this happens to you, here’s how to help:

1. Apply corn starch or flour to help stop the bleeding.

2. Then apply pressure to the nail with a clean cloth for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

(No peeking underneath until the full time has passed).

3. If the dog or cat will allow you to elevate the paw, this can help stop the bleeding as well.

When a toenail is torn, broken or cracked, for instance from playing too hard, this can be painful for dogs and cats. If the shell of the nail is still present, it will need to be removed. Antibiotics from your veterinarian may be needed to help prevent an infection. You should call your veterinarian to see if your dog or cat needs to come in for a visit.

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