Why You Should Get Pet Health Insurance While Your Pets Are Still Young

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Why You Should Get Pet Health Insurance While Your Pets Are Still Young
Get Pets Best Pet Health Insurance while they are still young

We all like to think that nothing bad will happen to our pets. If you feed them the right food, exercise them frequently, and show them enough love, that should be enough, right? Well it doesn’t always work out that way. Having pet insurance can help you make the right medical decisions, without having to be as concerned about cost or getting your pet the care they need.

A lot of pet parents think that their young ones don’t need pet insurance. Since they are young and healthy already, why add that expense? But that is exactly the best time to get your pet health insurance- before there is something wrong with them. Because once a health issue occurs, it’ll most likely be a pre-existing condition and won’t be covered. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5 reasons to get your pet health insurance while they are still young:

1. Young pets have fewer pre-existing conditions

A lot of people think that chronic conditions only materialize in older animals. But contrary to popular belief, many ailments present themselves early. For example, 70% of allergy cases (called atopy in veterinary terms) develop between 6 months and 3 years. Allergies to the environment can require lifelong medication, and possibly weekly allergy shots. This can also lead to other health conditions, like skin infections and wounds from scratching. It is best to get pet health insurance before problems arise so that’ll you have coverage when something does come up.

2. Younger pets have lower cost premiums

Even though older pets may have slowed down, reducing potential accidents, they are aging at a rapid rate and like humans, older pets have more medical issues resulting in more vet visits. Because of this, pet insurance for an older pet costs more than it does for a younger pet. And as said before, pre-existing conditions are not covered under pet health insurance so you’d need to have it before your senior pet started developing health issues.

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3. Accidents can happen sooner than you think

We’ve all seen those cute videos of puppies and kittens getting into trouble. But sometimes they can escalate into situations that need a vet. A puppy’s first jump can lead to his first broken paw. Being a pet parent is a big responsibility, and you need to be ready for anything. One day your new furry pal could be healthy and running around, and the next, they could need medical attention. If you have insurance coverage when it happens, you won’t have to choose between your pet’s health and your bank account.

4. Unexpected vet costs can happen at any age

You may be one of those people that says, “I don’t need pet health insurance, they’ll be fine.” But you never know what can happen. Your pet could pull a ligament, and you’re in for a $3,000 surgery. Or your pet could develop chronic allergies and need daily medication. And unless you’re saving up for expenses like this, you could be in trouble. Plus, if your pet doesn’t have insurance, and you get it after they are hurt or sick, insurance won’t cover that issue because it’s now a pre-existing condition. You’ll want to get your pet health insurance long before a problem arises so you are sure to be able to utilize it when you need it.

5. Keep them healthy long-term with year-round wellness checkups

You want your pet to have the very best. As a pet parent, you strive to make your pet’s life great, and that means helping them live a healthy life so they can live longer. Pet health insurance can help with that. Pets Best offers wellness checkups that are covered by the insurance, and help pay for your pet’s regular vet visits, including routine checkups, dental cleanings, and blood work. This means that you get peace of mind, and your pet gets to be healthy so they can do what they do best. It can also help budget for expected or pro-active health care, especially if they are a puppy or a kitten.

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Having pet health insurance can relieve the financial burden of an unexpected vet visit, and give peace of mind even when there is nothing wrong. Four out of five pets will have a medical emergency at least once in their lives, and you could be looking at thousands of dollars you didn’t think you’d have to pay. It’s easier to get your pet health insurance when they’re young, so you won’t run into any problems if they do get into trouble.

So, why not get a free quote, it could save you money down the road.


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