Dog Breed Guide: Boxers

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a close up of a boxer dogs face.

By Dr. Marc, a veterinarian and guest blogger for pet insurance provider Pets Best Insurance.

About the boxer dog

Height: Male 22.5”-25”; Female 21”-23.5”

Weight: Male 65-80 lbs; Female 50-65 lbs

Life Span: 8-10 years

Coat: Short and straight

Color: Brindle, Fawn or White

Energy Level: High

Exercise: Daily

Is a boxer the right dog breed for you?

The Boxer is typically bred for a stable temperament and is generally good with children.  They can be aloof around strangers and are good watchdogs, but also love human contact.  They are high energy and require daily exercise and play sessions to stay mentally challenged.  Boxers are very intelligent, somewhat independent and possess great strength and stamina.  They can have a well developed prey drive, making off-leash activities ill advised.  They have low grooming needs.  Boxers don’t tolerate extremes in temperatures well.

5 Common medical issues with the boxer dog breed

Medical Issue Avg. Claim Amount Most Expensive Claim
Ear Infection $173 $952
Skin Allergies $620 $5,771
Anaphylaxis $256 $1,488
Cancer $2,364 $11,680
Benign Tumors $467 $2,718

According to the number of dog insurance claims Pets Best receives.

Photo at top by Matt Hands

a boxer dog doing a boxer stance, standing outside.
Photo by Matt Hands

Bella, a boxer dog plays with her duck toy.
Bella the boxer playing with her duck toy. Submitted by Carrie T.

Bella, a boxer dog standing outside.
Bella the boxer smiles for the camera. Submitted by Carrie T.

Buddy, a boxer dog.
Buddy the boxer is sometimes a clown and a fierce protector. Submitted by Glennda.

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