Pet Premonition

June 28, 2006

Dr. Jack Stephens 6/28/2006 Many bonded pet owners I have talked with have had episodes where it seemed that their pets had apprehensions that affected them, such as avoiding danger or knowing when they would…

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Stress Causes Disease

May 30, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 5/30/2006 I have personal experience with the more severe consequences of chronic stress causing disease. I cannot say what caused my cancer. Although I never smoked, in 1989 I acquired throat…

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Pets Are Good For Us

April 26, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 4/26/2006 How you feel can be affected by interaction with your pet. Simply being with your pet can provide positive health benefits because they affect your internal chemistry in ways that…

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Skeeter Foundation Revitalized

April 5, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 4/5/2006 Recently, through the generous donations of General Fire & Casualty Company, the underwriter for Pets Best insurance and Greg Mc Donald, the chairman of GF&C, the holding company for General…

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He Killed My Dog

March 20, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 3/30/2006 Since graduating from Veterinary School, protecting pet family members has been my mission. My observations back in the late 1970’s that economic hardship was often the culprit in pet owners…

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Veterinary Conferences

March 3, 2006

By: Dr. Jack Stephens 3/3/2006 Veterinarians and veterinary technicians like all professionals continue their education (CE) after they graduate to keep up with all the many changes, discoveries and to learn about new technology. Gaining…

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