Cat health care: How to prevent hairballs in your cat

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Posted by: H.R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager
A cat ensures proper pet health with grooming.
Having a cat means you have your fair share of cat hair. It’s not only a nuisance; it can cause cat health care issues. Dealing with cat hair can seem like a never-ending battle. Keeping the amount of hair that your cat sheds at a minimum will help control the cat health care issue and cut down on their chance of developing hairballs.

Cat hair balls are a common pet health problem in cats with longhair cats being more susceptible to them. According to Dr. Guglielmino, of the Cornell Feline Health Center, it’s normal for cats to vomit a hairball once every one to two weeks.

Hairballs occur from a build-up of hair in the cat’s stomach caused from habitual grooming. Most of the hair will pass through the stomach and intestines and will eventually leave the body when the cat relieves itself.

A hairball will form when some of the hair remains in the stomach. Over time the hair will become a ball-like shape. The cat will usually vomit to get rid of the hairball. The hairball can leave the stomach and travel through the intestines and cause pet health problems like intestinal blockage. When this occurs, surgery must be performed to remove the obstruction.

You can help your cat avoid hairballs by brushing your cat daily. This will help remove most of the excess hair, which will cut down on the amount of hair the cat will ingest. Another option for longhair cats is to have their hair cut to a shorter length. If your cat is prone to hairballs, discuss options with your veterinarian to keep your cat in the best pet health possible.

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