Cat Breed Guide: Oriental Shorthair

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An Oriental Shorthair cat with pet insurance from Pets Best.By Dr. Fiona, a veterinarian and writer for Pets Best, a dog insurance and cat insurance agency.

About the Oriental Shorthair

Weight:  9-12lb, females are smaller.

Points of conformation: Medium body size with long slender limbs and long tapered nose.  The neck is long and thin, and the tail is also long and thin, almost whip-like.  Paws are small and compact.

Coat: Very short, close laying and soft textured hair coat.

Color: All colors and patterns accepted.

Grooming needs: Minimal grooming needs.

Origin: Thailand

Behavior Traits: Extroverted and playful

Is an Oriental Shorthair cat right for You?

The Oriental shorthair is much like it’s Siamese cousin in temperament.  They need human companionship and don’t do well if left alone for long periods. They can be demanding of attention occasionally and are very vocal.  They are active and playful and possess kitten-like qualities into adulthood.

Common Illnesses, Medical Conditions and Accidents for the Oriental Shorthair

According to the number of cat insurance claims Pets Best receives

Medical Issue  Average Claim 
 Skin allergies  $597
 Gastritis  $584
 Inflammatory Bowel Disease  $306
 Cancer  $5,830

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