Breed Guide: Boston Terrier

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A Boston TerrierDr. Fiona is a veterinarian and writer for Pets Best, a dog insurance and cat insurance agency.

About the Boston Terrier

Height (to base of neck): 15-17″

Weight:  15-25lb

Color: Black, brindle or seal with white markings

Origin: United States

Coat: Short, fine flat glossy coat.

Life Expectancy: 13-14 years

Energy level: Moderate to high

Exercise needs: Moderate

Breed Nicknames: Boston

Is a Boston Terrier the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Boston Terrier is a highly intelligent breed with a stubborn streak.  They are active, playful and friendly with a gentle demeanor.  They have low grooming needs and require moderate daily exercise.  They get along well with children and other animals, and are generally not good protectors.  Bostons do well in apartment s and smaller homes, and should be indoor only due to their inability to tolerate temperatures well.

5 Common Illnesses, Medical Conditions and Accidents for the Boston Terrier

According to the number of dog insurance claims Pets Best receives

Medical Issue  Average Claim Amount  Most Expensive Claim 
Ear Infection $266 $6,526
Corneal Ulcer $691 $5,520
Skin Allergies $557 $10,706
Anaphylaxis $442 $5,670
Bite Wound $868 $6,573.34


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