Adopting a Pet Can Be Good For Your Health

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Jack L. Stephens, DVM – Sep 30, 2009

Scientific proof is now available that documents what pet owners have known for years; pets make us feel better. Not only do pets help us to feel better they improve our health in the following ways:

Decrease your blood pressure
Reduce your blood levels of cortisol, our stress hormone
Increase your blood levels of oxytocin our feel good hormone
Increase your levels of prolactin our bonding hormone
Increase your blood levels of endorphins our exhilaration hormone
Prevent loneliness
Increase blood levels of serotonin a natural antidepressant
Increase our levels of pain tolerance and wound healing; decreasing hospital stays
Increase levels of neurotransmitters at our nerve endings
Allow us to express our feelings without judgment
Raise self esteem
Social lubricant to meet and greet others
Heart attack victims with pets live longer
Walking a dog improves weight loss over traditional methods
Much more

Adopt a pet from your local shelter or rescue group and you may feel better as a result.

Jack L. Stephens DVM

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