Top Ten Reasons to Adopt Your Next Pet

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A dog with pet health insurance waits to be adopted.

Pets add a lot to any family, but did you know that there are millions of animals just waiting for homes in shelters and rescues? Here are the top 10 reasons to choose your next pet from an animal shelter or rescue group!

1. You are saving a life!
Sixty-four percent of animals that enter shelters don’t find homes and sadly, they are euthanized. Choosing to adopt from a shelter means that you are literally saving a life.

2. Save your carpets!
Many of the pets waiting in shelters and rescue groups are already housebroken.

3. You can find a purebred!
There are many in shelters and there are even breed specific rescue groups, although mutts make great pets too!

4. You won’t be supporting puppy mills.
Unfortunately, there are people who put the business of selling puppies above the health and welfare of the animals. Choosing to adopt helps keep money out of the puppy mill owners pockets.

5. It feels great!
Having a pet has been proven to be beneficial to humans! Not only can they bring a lot of happiness, but they can help lower blood pressure, give a feeling of purpose, and help you to be more active.

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6. Shelters and rescues have all kinds of pets!
It’s not just dogs and cats that you can adopt from a shelter. There are often smaller pets as well, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and birds.

7. Save money!
When you adopt from a shelter, you save money. Not only are adoption fees much lower than the cost of a breeder or pet shop, but your money will also be going to support rescue efforts.

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8. Find the right pet!
Shelters and rescues are committed to finding the best home for the animal. This means that they will ask you all kinds of questions to make sure you will be a good match, which in turn means that you will find the right pet for your family.

9. They may already be spayed/neutered!
Dogs and cats for adoption are generally already spayed or neutered before they can go home. Some groups offer very low cost spay and neutering services for adoptive pet parents.

10. You are saving a life– this needs to be reiterated!
Indeed, this deserves to be on the list twice because it is the most important reason of all! If you choose to adopt you are choosing to save a life, and what could be a better reason than that?

Author bio: Aimee Gertsch founded 4 The Love of Animals in honor of her pets, and to help spread the word for animal rescue groups. She enjoys writing about all animals, and of course, playing with her own pets.

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