3 Causes of Lumps on Paws

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3 Causes of Lumps on Paws

Puggle has a lump on his paw that pet insurance can help diagnose.Pets Best Insurance is about more than just pet insurance; they want your dogs and cats to live long, healthy lives. As a guest veterinarian blogger, I’m happy to help in that mission by answering pet health questions you have regarding your dogs and cats.

This question comes from Janet, posted on the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page:

“My dog licks her paw all the time and now has this huge knot…what can I put on it to make it go away?”

While I can’t diagnose your pet via Facebook, I can tell you some conditions your pet may be experiencing. It’s extremely important she see her veterinarian in order to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Three Potential Causes of Lumps on Paws

1. Infections caused by foreign bodies

If there’s a large knot, sore or lump on your dog’s paw, this may be due to an infection caused by a foreign body. Cheat grass, plant material and thorns/stickers are common items I’ve found lodged in pet paws, and they all cause uncomfortable infections. Any foreign body is extremely agitating to animals and may cause abscesses in addition to lumps, which may appear knot-like. Typically, minor surgical removal is required, along with medication to help rid the body of the infection.

2. Lick Granulomas

A lick granuloma can form due to excessive licking, in which case you’ll need to determine the underlying cause of the licking. Some common causes include anxiety, boredom and even arthritis. Your veterinarian and perhaps a behavioral specialist can help get to the bottom of the behavior.

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3. Tumors

Some tumors may feel itchy and cause the dog to lick excessively, causing a knot-like appearance. Hydrocortisone sprays can temporarily alleviate the itchy feeling, but they obviously won’t get rid of the tumor. This is why it’s extremely important your dog see her veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

Pets Best Insurance plans cover the diagnosis and treatment of lumps in paws, whether it turns out to be a foreign body, cancer, arthritis or even a behavioral condition.

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