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Informational Resources

How Pet Insurance Can Help Your Clients -- And Your Practice - Veterinary Economics September 2011

A quick article discussing how to provide pet insurance information to your clients.

NCVEI – A Veterinarian’s Guide to Pet Health Insurance (PDF)

Provides an objective view of pet insurance and a guide on answering basic client questions for veterinarians and staff members.

Focusing on pet insurance: The myths and truth - Veterinary Economics May 2009

An article dispelling common pet insurance myths.

Compare Pet Insurance Plans

See how Pets Best Insurance stacks up against other pet insurance companies.

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Client Educational Materials

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Feel free to share links to our various pet health articles and videos on your website, Facebook page or client newsletters.We address common pet health related questions and concerns in articles and videos written by our contributing veterinarians.

Order Free Materials

Order Pets Best materials including client brochures, brochure holders, and posters. Distribute and display in your clinic to make your clients aware of pet insurance.

Our Policies and Claim Forms

To see policy details for your area, view or download our policies by state.

Download a claim form and keep one on file for your Pets Best customers to use. Our claim forms don’t require veterinarian signatures, but your clients may need a little help listing their pets’ official diagnoses.

If arranging to accept payment directly from Pets Best, also download, print, complete and sign the Veterinarian Reimbursement Release Form.

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