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What We Cover

Pet Insurance Plan Coverage Details

Pets Best plans cover the treatment and diagnosis of accidents and illnesses. Your pet can see any licensed veterinarian in the world, and we have no upper age limits.

What Our Plans Cover

Accidents Examples: broken bones, poisoning, car accident, lacerations, foreign object ingestion.
Illnesses Examples: cancer, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, cruciate ligament injuries, skin and ear infections, urinary tract infections, epilepsy, IVDD, cherry eye.
Emergency care, hospitalization & surgery See any licensed veterinarian, anywhere in the world, including emergency centers and specialists.
Hereditary and congenital conditions Examples: hip and elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, cherry eye, IVDD, Wobbler Syndrome, glaucoma and epilepsy. Please read coverage details.
Prescription medications Download our list of covered medications
Cancer treatments Including blood work, MRIs, surgery, medication, and chemotherapy.
Diagnostics Examples: exams, bloodwork, MRIs, CAT scans, pathology reports and X-rays.
Acupuncture & chiropractic When performed by a licensed veterinarian.
Physical rehabilitation Examples: hydrotherapy, cold laser and physical therapy.

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Extra Benefits Included in Coverage

If you've been comparing pet insurance companies, you'll be happy to know the following
are covered under our BestBenefit plans.

Exam fees When your pet is seen by a licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world for covered accidents and illnesses.
Ongoing/chronic conditions When your policy renews, we don’t consider previously covered conditions to be pre-existing. This means your pet will still be covered up to your plan’s maximum per incident benefit, even if treatment spans many months or years.
Older pets We have no upper age limits for pets and we don’t reduce or cancel coverage based on your pet’s age.
Cruciate injuries in both legs We consider each cruciate injury as a separate incident, as long as they don't occur and aren't treated at the same time. This means that if your pet injures his left cruciate ligament, we won’t consider later injury of the right ligament to be pre-existing as long as it occurs after the cruciate coverage waiting period.
Hunting or service accidents Accidents that happen while hunting or in the line of service are covered.
Full coverage even when not spayed/neutered Prostate problems, hormonal skin conditions, perianal tumors, mammary tumors, uterine and ovarian conditions, as well as injury due to motor vehicle or aggressive behavior whether or not your pet is spayed or neutered
Behavioral conditions We cover behavioral consults with, and/or medication prescribed by, a licensed veterinarian.
Pregnancy Our plans include coverage for pregnancy for most breeds. Please see our list of breeds not covered for pregnancy.
Euthanasia and cremation Our plans cover cremation costs as well as euthanasia for humane reasons.
Prosthetic devices and wheelchairs When prescribed or provided by a licensed veterinarian to treat a covered accident or illness.
Pre-anesthesia tests Veterinarians typically require pre-anesthetic blood work to be performed before a pet’s surgery.
Coverage while traveling with pet Your pet can be treated by any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world.
Stem cell therapy and feline kidney transplants Stem cell therapy is used to treat degenerative joint conditions; feline kidney transplants to treat chronic kidney disease.

Pets Best plans have some exclusions, including pre-existing conditions, in order to keep premiums affordable. Please read our list of what's not covered.

What's Not Covered

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Preventable conditions
  • Non-veterinary expenses, food, special diets, vitamins and supplements
  • Herbal, holistic, experimental and alternative therapies and medications (except chiropractic and acupuncture)
  • Parasites
  • Cruciate ligament injuries during the first 12 months of your policy
  • Gingivitis and preventable periodontal disease
  • Routine care without the optional BestWellness coverage

Details available on What's Not Covered.

The following conditions have a 12-month waiting period before coverage begins, which will be waived if your pet is examined by a veterinarian and determined to have no signs or symptoms of these conditions within 30 days of enrollment:

  • Cruciate Ligament Injuries
  • Luxating Patellas
  • Portosystemic Shunts
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans
  • Cardiovascular Defects
  • You'll receive a Pet Health Checklist upon enrollment.

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