Keep Your Pets Stress Free This Holiday Season

Three Tips for Truly Happy Holidays

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With the excitement of the holidays, our pets can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Don’t forget to keep pet health and safety at the top of your priority list to help ensure your pet enjoys the holidays as much as you do.

When determining how to maintain your pet’s safety this holiday season, it is important to keep their personality in mind. Keeping your pet safe should be a team effort between you and your guests.

1. Give Shy Pets a Quiet Place to Relax
Fearful pets or pets that get overwhelmed easily should be kept in a quiet room away from guests. Keeping them away from the excitement will reduce and hopefully eliminate your pet’s stress. Be sure your pet has access to food and water. If you have a cat, be sure that they have access to their litter box. Dogs should be taken out regularly to avoid accidents in the house.

If you choose to let your pet roam free while visitors are over, be sure your pet is comfortable around all types of people. If your pet isn't used to small children, for example, it is best to keep them in a quiet room to keep them and your guests safe.

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2. Share the Rules
Tell your guests any rules you have regarding your pet so that they can be sure to follow them. These rules should include not to feed pets any food from the table, as this can lead to pet health and other medical issues. If your pet is prone to stealing food or bolting out of doors, make sure to inform your guests so that they can help you keep your pet safe.

3. Consider Pet Insurance
During the holiday season, it’s an especially good idea to have a pet insurance policy for your four-legged best friend. Pet health insurance can offer financial protection to pet owners should any accidents or illnesses unexpectedly occur during the festivities.

Chamber of Commerce members, get an instant quote and save 5% on your pet insurance plan.