Winter Hazards For Cats

Posted by H.R. for Pets Best

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It can be easy to lose track of our pets during the busy holiday season. Common holiday accidents can often lead to an emergency visit to the vet. Take note of these holiday mishaps in advance to keep your cat safe and healthy so you won’t need to use your cat health insurance policy on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

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Tinsel: So Pretty, So Dangerous

Many cat-lovers learn the hard way that owning a cat usually means the end of a tinsel-decorated tree. Not only is the wiggly, shiny decor magnetic to curious, playful cats, but its electromagnetic charge literally makes it difficult for them to walk away from. What starts out as harmless fun soon becomes sniffing, licking, and ingesting, whether purposely or not. And that is when the danger begins.

Dr. Susanne Heartsill, Hospital Director of Downtown Animal Hospital and Laser Surgery Center in Memphis, TN, says that foreign body ingestion is one of the most common ailments she treats during the holidays. At first, it may not be clear that the cat actually ate a non-food item. “This may present just like gastritis or enteritis, but quickly progresses to a life-threatening rupture of the GI tract,” said Heartsill.

Initial cat illness symptoms include diarrhea, scooting, vomiting, and going outside the box. If you notice kitty straining to pass something, do NOT try to pull it out yourself. This can cause severe internal damage and fatalities. Make use of your cat insurance and take your cat directly to the vet or emergency clinic.

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Holiday Foliage

Another no-no for most cat owners is indoor plants. For some reason, cats love to nibble on foliage, poisonous or not. Some of the most poisonous plants for cats include the ones that are closely associated with the holidays:

  • Mistletoe (toxic)
  • Holly (toxic)
  • Poinsettias (non-toxic, but very irritating to the throat)
  • Lilies (toxic)

If you receive one of the plants listed above as a gift, consider giving it to a neighbor or taking it to a church. If your cat ingests even just a bite, watch out for cat health care symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. If these symptoms occur, call your veterinarian or emergency clinic.

Sorry, Did I Leave the Door Open?

I can’t count how many times I’ve invited a friend, family member, or contractor into my home only for them to stand in an open doorway a minute too long. Luckily, I usually notice 5 seconds before my cat bolts out to freedom. Some non-pet owners don’t see an open door in the same way we do.

When the holidays turn the front door into a revolving door, make a sign to post on your door letting visitors know to please close it behind them.

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