Best in Show: Which award would your dog win?

A colorful cartoon dog infographic.

Pets Best Insurance took a dive into some of its fascinating and fun customer pet data, spun out a comical dog-centric infographic, and is excited to share the amusing creation with dog owners everywhere!

The pet insurance agency has always emphasized the importance of creating educational and entertaining content for pet owners, and will continue to provide this kind of fun content in addition to educational blogs and of course, our comprehensive pet insurance plans!

The infographic, called “Best in Show” reveals everything from the most popular insured dog breeds to some of the trendiest dog names and even the ages of some of the oldest dogs with pet insurance policies from Pets Best!

There are seven separate categories (dog-agories?) and it’s perfect for sharing on pet blogs, websites or with your dog-loving friends! It will be fun for dog owners to see if their pooches would be up for an award based on the “Best in Show” categories!


The Pets Best Insurance Dog Best In Show Awards

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  • Agent Gita is somewhat famous in our small Silken Windhound world. She not only has a blog, but also has several videos on youtube – many with a James Bond theme. (search for Agent Gita, Silken Windhound)
    SHE thinks she should be a bigger celebrity than Al Poochino and a bigger action hero than Rambo.

  • Kathleen Souza

    Our Themba is a pure bred South African Rhodesian Ridgeback. He has made friends all throughout the community for being such a lover. We don’t tell the strangers walking late at night that he’s a lover! What should we do to enter our 8 month old pup in the Best in Show.

  • Dina Badagliacco

    Abbie and Annie would definitely be in the most fun loving category! Abbie’s motto is “everyday’s a party!” and sister Annie agrees! They are two dalmatians that live a happy, well-rounded life. Mom and Dad work for them and then it’s time to play when they get home! fun fun fun! They travel to Maine each year on their own private lake with their Weimaraner buddy, Ozzy and go exploring, sailing and of course, stealing a morsel from Mom and Dad to keep their palates fresh!


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