3 Reasons Why Cats Shiver

Dr. Matheys is a veterinarian and blogger for cat insurance provider, Pets Best Insurance.

Hello. I’m Dr. Jane Matheys from The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital and Hotel in Boise, Idaho. Today I’ll be answering a question about cat health from a comment posted on Pets Best Insurance Facebook page.

This one is from Billy. Billy asks:  I’ve noticed my cat sometime shudders as if she’s shaking off a cold. She will be sitting so calmly, and then her little paws just start shaking.” So this one’s a little bit harder to answer without getting more information from Billy. Anytime I see any sort of shuddering and quivering of the muscles, I tend to think of several things. First of all, perhaps the kitty is in pain, or maybe the kitty has some sort of neurological problem. Or it could be just kind of a little quirk type behavior that the kitty has.

I recommend that Billy videotapes this movement that she’s seen in her kitty cat and then take that along with her when she makes an appointment with her veterinarian to take a look at her kitty cat. By actually seeing the behavior that’s going on, that can give her veterinarian a better idea as to what sort of medical problem they might be dealing with. So take advantage of that cell phone camera. Get a good video and go forward from there.

If you have any other questions, please post them on the comments section below, or visit Pets Best Insurance Facebook page. See you next time.

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  • Great Share! Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  • Catharine

    I appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Linda Barnett

    I have amaine coon mix, calico in color. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old, she turned 1 year old this past May. Ever since I have had her I have noticed that her back will quiver, usually I can pet down her back and it will quit for a while. What can cause this to happen? She doesn’t seem like she is in pain but I’m not a Vet either.

  • Jennifer Lacy

    Hi, my little gray cat Celty is a small delicate little cat. When she curls up she is the size of a medium 2 layer cake. She comes up to me while I am working on the computer and sits in fron of the keyboard and if I am lucky she allows me to sraw her in for a little hug and maybe she will doze. I notice at these times that in addition to the little purr I feel under her chin, I notice that her sides seem to be trembling, as if she is actually cold. The temperature in the room is 63, and I keep woven placemats on my desks so that my furbabies don’t have to sit on cold plastic table. They have pillows, and boxes, and blankets, and towels, and beds to cuddle in. There is no real reason for her to be actually cold. Yet…..it seems to me that she is. Is this possible? She doesn’t do this in the summer.


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