Pet Insurance Company Pays International Claims

BOISE ID, August 31, 2011— Pet Insurance company, Pets Best Insurance covers international claims, allowing policyholders to rest assured that their pets are eligible for coverage even when they are temporarily out of the country. By accepting international claims, Pets Best Insurance is one of the only U.S. pet insurers to afford this protection to pet owners.

Although policy holders must reside in the US to enroll in a pet health insurance plan, so long as pets are seen by a licensed veterinarian while traveling, Pets Best Insurance can help pet owners afford the best treatment options.

One Pets Best Insurance policyholder who was able to reap the benefits of the company’s international coverage was Amalia Luyet, a Switzerland native. While she lives in New York, Amalia often travels back to Switzerland to visit. Because she’s so close with her dog Vegas, Amalia takes her everywhere she goes, including out of the country. On her last trip to Switzerland, Amalia noticed that Vegas began acting strangely, showing signs of listlessness, dehydration, vomiting, and shivering.

Vegas took a turn for the worst on a Friday night after all of the Swiss veterinarian offices were closed; Amalia moved quickly to find an emergency veterinarian clinic where she rushed Vegas in for care. Ironically enough, she learned  that the veterinarian on call had  studied in the United States. The veterinarian gave Vegas an injection and the dog was back to normal in no time.

When it came time to file the pet insurance claim, Amalia recalls her claim reimbursement experience with Pets Best Insurance as simple, even though her vet invoice was submitted in Swiss currency.

“Getting reimbursed by Pets Best was easy,” Amalia said. “I just sent them the bill along with a note (in English) from the Swiss Vet and that was it!”

Similarly, Monica Wallooppillai, a policyholder from Texas who was traveling in Saudi Arabia, found herself in a precarious situation when she noticed her dog Zuri was having difficulty holding his urine, and that there was blood in it. After taking her dog to a vet for an examination and x-rays, Zuri was diagnosed with prostatitis. The Wallooppillai family was nervous about their claim since they were in a foreign country; however, Pets Best Insurance didn’t let them down.

Monica said she has peace of mind with Pets Best Insurance, knowing that Zuri will receive the care he needs no matter where they are traveling. She added that every claim she has ever presented to Pets Best Insurance has been seamlessly covered.

“With Pets Best, I was able to file the claim online and have the claim payment directly deposited into my bank account,”  she said.  “I even presented the claim in Saudi currency, included a conversion chart and the claim was processed-no questions asked! Pets Best makes the claim process very user-friendly and efficient.”

About Pets Best Insurance

Boise, Idaho-based Pets Best Insurance provides pet insurance plans that reimburse pet owners for a straightforward 80 percent of veterinary services after a deductible, with no benefit schedules or fee restrictions. Pets Best Insurance plans do not include age restrictions and allow the pet owner to choose any licensed veterinarian. Any pet has guaranteed acceptance for accident-only polices, ensuring that even seriously ill pets can be insured against unexpected costs from accidental injury. The Pets Best Insurance team is a group of pet lovers who strive to deliver quality customer service and value. Aetna Insurance Company of Connecticut (AICC) underwrites insurance plans offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance. This material describes Pets Best Insurance plans in general terms. Eligible expenses and coverage may vary, depending on your plan selection. All pet insurance plans have limitations and exclusions. Information is believed to be accurate as of the production date; however, it is subject to change. For more information, visit Pets Best Insurance at or phone 877-PetsBest (738-7237). You may also follow them on Facebook at



  • Amy Van Loo

    Good afternoon, I am interested in purchasing a protection plan for my 7 month old French Bulldog. She is AKC registered (No. NP33296005).As we currently live in quite a remote area of Honduras, we do not have a reliable vet close by and would have to fly her out in case of emergencies. Do you have any protection plans that would cover her outside of USA and include emergency travel? Thank you, Amy

    • ctiemann

      Hi Amy,
      Thank you for your interest in Pets Best Insurance. Our clients can use any licensed veterinarian in the world, however they do have to actually live in the United States or Washington, D.C. Best of luck in your search!


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