Young entrepreneur lets dogs taste the good life

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Two scoops for the dogsFor whatever reason, dogs seem to want whatever their owners are eating significantly more than the food that is actually in their bowls. But as most pet owners and carpet cleaners know, canines cannot always stomach the foods they desire so much.

Observing this trend, a 16-year-old entrepreneur set out to work in an effort to placate neighborhood dogs who were screaming for ice cream, the New York Times reports.

As a young child spending hot summer afternoons with his grandmother’s dog Max, Christian Liendo remembers the pup whining for lick of the cool treat and relishing any drips that might fall his way.

When the teen enrolled at an entrepreneurial competition sponsored by Goldman Sachs and Prep for Prep, a nonprofit that prepares minority students for private schools, it didn’t take long before these memories began guiding him towards his first business venture.

Blizzard Dog, a frozen concoction of carob powder and soy milk, is the first ice cream made to accommodate a dog’s digestive system. Earning an honorable mention in the competition, Liendo won $250 and the confidence to go public with his invention.

“It’s going to be sold in ice cream stores,” the inventor told the news source.

According to, though most pets cannot tolerate dairy products, cheeses and unpasteurized yogurts typically have the lactose content removed, making them safe for pet consumption.

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