Woman convicted of animal cruelty for pierced cats

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Woman pierced black cats to sell onlineA dog groomer from northeastern Pennsylvania was recently convicted with a misdemeanor of animal cruelty after she pierced the necks and ears of cats to sell them online as gothic kittens.

Animal rescuers took several kittens and one cat out of Holly Crawford’s home in December 2008 on suspicions of animal cruelty, according to the Washington Post. Her defensive team suggested that parents are allowed to pierce their child’s ears at a young age and it’s discriminatory to not let cat owners do the same.

The defense also argued that the same animal rights groups that tried to bring the case to trial were in favor of spaying or neutering pets, which involves the cutting of the testicles or removing the ovaries. However, a jury did not buy in to these excuses and convicted Crawford for proving poor pet care.

If the piercings were not enough to suggest animal cruelty, The Daily Mail also reports that at least one kitten was found with an elastic band tied to its tail in attempt to make it fall off.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19599025-ADNFCR

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